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RT @gnomotoke: 【公示】中日 福田永将、友永翔太を登録抹消 - ドラ要素@中日まとめ https://t.co/Ak3wR0UVlq #dragons
RT @DanCarey1982: Time to post my loyal 32. Ghosts of former Dragons End soldiers, still serving after death. Cost a bit to convert b… https://t.co/RkQCwKj7ks
RT @Mrtybaba: Which song describes your mood right now? Mine : Thunder - Imagine Dragons
RT @chuspo: 右手首の「三角線維軟骨複合体(TFCC)」部分損傷と診断されました。焦らず治して、復帰後の大暴れを期待しています! [ドラニュース]福田が登録抹消、復帰まで約2週間:中日スポーツ (CHUNICHI Web) #福田永将… https://t.co/KbowLGt6yf
RT @ElliottBlackwe3: As long as I can remember, whenever I read fairy tales I was far more interested in witches, goblins, trolls, & dra… https://t.co/QAqhuHMCOt
The top half of the clothing is normally black and the lower half crimson, symbolizing the order of heaven and eart… https://t.co/pPhP75O0Be
福田選手、友永選手が抹消しました。 特に福田選手、心配です。 #dragons
RT @Mike_Dougherty: Our dragons are still alive. #GodzillaMovie In theaters May 31st. https://t.co/ZfDJ2Eqjxv
RT @DragonsOfficial: ドアラが可愛いデコ文字となってLINEから6/1より発売開始!顔やしっぽ、スケッチブックなど、全ての文字にドアラが隠れています!ドアラ感たっぷりの文字でトークを楽しんじゃいましょう! ▶… https://t.co/r8MgjbCkIS
RT @purple_dwagon: the documentary got one thing right; lotsa Iceland bts with Emilia & Kit ❤️ and the dragons ofc #TheLastWatch… https://t.co/d3cJ1Jj5dB
RT @paul_cude: Young & old alike are drawn into a deadly plot. Check out the non-stop #action in this compelling #YoungAdult… https://t.co/IUweUXNItU
RT @sweatyhairy: review of the last few hours since I lost my phone: - finally understand what banksy is talking about - had to t… https://t.co/atM2tzlO7I
8000 wyrmite wasted 1 summon ticket 1 10 summon ticket for her I'm screaming right now because of a surprise 5 star… https://t.co/6jWLHHv0by
RT @SmithVinci: People are blaming Daenerys Targaryen for losing it, after she lost 2 Grown Dragons... John Wick lost just 1 fvcki… https://t.co/2oLDqvwtjE
@McBittypaws @Th3h3r3ticang3l Your a dragon!! Dragons can only breathe fire
RT @nana7951240: リプレイ検証中にキャッチボールする亀澤さん💙ニコニコでめっちゃ高く投げて伊藤康祐くんに捕らせてレフスタからも拍手👏 #20190526神宮 #dragons #亀澤恭平 #伊藤康祐 https://t.co/pdN60ou86b
Where’s my dolla? 14yr old Morgan should’ve done on dragons den https://t.co/LWMWJH0Vdi
RT @OperativeR6: FaZe、Black Dragonsが 八百長に関わり、元アナリストは主張する 🇯🇵: https://t.co/ssVxEsIure
Khaleesi !!! Mother of Dragons!! 🐉 🔥
RT @gnomotoke: 「マイナビオールスターゲーム2019」ファン投票中間発表 中日だけトップおらず… - ドラ要素@中日まとめ https://t.co/BkzdRr3teY #dragons
@SharpiBees 👀👏 god knows but i'm pretty gay, demons/dragons, and i l o v e rapiers and sideswords
RT @Ocho_McCinco: Dany's last speech still gives me chills. Rest in Peace Mother of War Crim-... i mean Dragons https://t.co/4MdcLUAZHW