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I want to play Dragon Age: Origins again
I've given it a go for a week now but Dragon Age 3 really isn't very fun for me. A lot of walking around collecting supplies, not fun for me
It’s easy to tell the difference between the Mass Effect and Dragon Age teams. One uses naked man butt as a joke, the other sexy eye candy.
@rixsig_writes @its_6_am @gengar_gaggle psst dragon age is real and I totally recommend joining me in hell
baef: *playing dragon age* wow…… I wish you could romance people in real life…… https://t.co/sSO4M2KfOZ
Llevaba semanas pensando en jugar a un juego de rol. Hoy se me iluminó la mente y me acordé que tengo el Dragon Age en Origin.
Lo recordaba que tenia los dragon age y pues voy a jugar el 2 que no lo he tocado
Thinking of buying Mass effect Andromeda but wanna finish Dragon age inquisition GotY ed first which may take some time. decisions decisions
Allez, on se lance dans Dragon Age : Origins qui m'attend sur mon DD. On va voir si c'est aussi bien que ce qu'on m'a vendu !
i wish i remebwred my mass effect/dragon age hockey au
eu tava lembrando que tinha dragon age mas troquei meu deus eu quero jogar dnv
I just realised Uka Uka's VA in Mind Over Mutant sounds a-fucking-lot like Logain from Dragon Age asdsdfsad
@Lucas_Kazami Mas Dragon Age é BEM diferente de DS, então é facil de entender
I cannot BELIEVE all the dragon age references in MEA
@PedroAugusto_On agr gosto de Dragon Age, vai me entender *-*
I know Im supposed to be hyped for mass effect...... But....... dragon age...
Guess who's playing more dragon age and crying over his new story/subplot for da
i finished my two big taz draws for the weekend time 2 play dragon age until i Drop
@tweetsinpajamas I like fantasy RPGs -- Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Fable, Reckoning, stuff like that
@bioware For Andromeda 2. If you do it. Don't have the dragon age team work on it. I cannot believe how many bugs there are in this title.
i honestly don't understand how people kill zevran in dragon age origins. like he's one of the best companions in the game
@shidowearsprada @matheusloggia ah n que sdds de jogar, mas tenho que zerar o dragon age inquisition até mês que vem, apostei com o Sukiyama
@MaddyLeeReads I'm gonna go play Dragon Age Inquisition now