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Heroes of Dragon Age for WINDOWS AND MAC https://t.co/w0pJeDCKdf
RT @AllGamesIsHere: Dragon Age: Origins - обзор культовой RPG #DA #DragonAgeOrigins #BioWare #обзоригры #GameNewsBlog https://t.co/3hlp1YpLFx
I'm obsessed with Star Wars and Dragon Age and can quote damn near every line in The Fifth Element. I grew up on Star Trek TNG.
if I'm burned out on /dragon age itself/ or just DA:O though.. I'd hate to fire up DA:II and just be like "bleh ugh fuck this"
dunno why i keep playing Dragon Age games when I don't like *any of them*
Dragon Age Inquisition wants me to get 50 Power to do the next two main story missions. Now I remember why I stopped playing
Origin on my Tab S Pro! Which means, Dragon Age Inquisition on my Tab S Pro! <3
世間がFF15でキャッキャウフフしてる中 Dragon Age : Inquisitionを全DLC含めて一通りトロフィー狙いつつプレイしたけど もう1周はしないとトロコン不可能と分かり若干お疲れ_(:3」∠)_ しかも一度も難易度下げず最高難易度でクリアとか大変だこれ!
"i rly wanna get on dragon age before bed" -sees its 2:30 am- ah
RT @The_Wind_Girl: Tampoco me digáis que quejarse no sirve de nada. Porque si no mirad Blizzard con Overwatch o Bioware con Dragon Age.
@Levit0 dragon age inquisition
@Happy_Tomatoes THANK U THANK U >:3c it's Dragon Age Inquisition!!!
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/3MGARKkCdt Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Lightning Rift Mage Guide!
Não sei porque, mas essa montaria me faz lembrar do Burro do Shrek... Dragon Age Inquisition https://t.co/HBtJvL2009
Mass Effect o Dragon age, esa es la cuestión .
RT @ConveyWolf: Just got back from seeing a friend of mine who in the air forced and stationed in Germany, now to play some dragon… https://t.co/gghgoxFDGd
asdas a las 4:30 dejo descargando el dragon age en el ps4 ,a ver si por fin puedo jugar
4 - Guilty Pleasure ? J'en ai pas ^^ Ce qui s'en rapprocherait le plus c'est Dragon Age 2 que j'ai apprécié (je l'ai pas refait par contre)
i was playing dragon age and..