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We had an amazing opening weekend of HOW THE DRAG QUEEN STOLE CHRISTMAS! Don't forget to make your reservations... https://t.co/wWmRB3bri4
@FigenMurray it's okay, I was a teddy bear before I was a drag queen, so I'll definitely be buying from you soon! XoXoX
RT @NakedHotdog: Being a drag queen in New York in the 80s. That's art.
gente culta (ou melhor q n sabe a hora de ser) eh um PORRE mano eu qro falar de drag queen e pessoas bonita
My interpretation of Dora Bailey: Mettaton as a prepubescent drag queen. That's exactly how I sounded.
RT @WeAreSBNN: @ATJogia calling numbers at Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary's in WeHo. Crazy!! http://t.co/iw1fiEDV
i bought a drag queen shirt and my dad told me i was headed down a wrong path in life
RT @NakedHotdog: Being a drag queen in New York in the 80s. That's art.
BOB THE DRAG QUEEN - PURSE FIRST (feat. DJ Mitch Ferrino) https://t.co/ENJg5dRooQ
I don't even think they say it on the show I'm just turning into a drag queen
Mariah Lynn looks like a drag queen this season #LHHNY
@jerseyshore00 i was more excited about the drag queen show @TiffanyFantasia 😍 (not a Bon Jovi fan)
Israeli-Arab drag queen finds refuge in Tel Aviv https://t.co/JATbLMCrWp via @YahooNews
RT @michaelphull: reviver cheio de drag queen e viado e inventaram de colocar anitta
drag queen and he was so chill about it and told me he has a friend that actually works at hamburger marys and he went on to say +
my fave drag queen and my fave gay porn star bottom
Teve direito a festa, morte, show, ocultismo, armas e drag queen's
RT @Mozzein_: couve-flor romana, pra quem não sabe, é um chuchu drag-queen
@vandives don't know a thing about her. But that close up pick. Looks like a drag queen with a cheek job. ;-)
RT @AnyMalu_Real: Depois de 4h, eu e a Agatha conseguimos transformar o Willen numa Drag Queen! Nunca vi um homem fazer tanto drama p… https://t.co/6dxCzghXgY
I liked a @YouTube video from @toddyrockstar https://t.co/xNoEKobSHc Wrong Bitch (feat. Bob The Drag Queen) by Todrick Hall