RT @Zootaxa: Taxonomy should be more photography based-eliminate need of physical specimen to study morphology https://t.co/LfxcV9L23k
i miss hep im watching videos from photography first semester and crying
Congratulations @meaganfalcon SPJ Region 8 Mark of Excellence Award in general news photography. On to Nationals girl! #spj #shesgood
RT @Zootaxa: Photography-based taxonomy: Is it necessary to reform the Code, and what that exactly means? https://t.co/DPMxIedPol
@realDonaldTrump #DirectPrimaryCare would like to be included in the conversation when you start again! #WeareKY #DPC #KY #healthcare
RT @jayachanel00: Thanks to David Beckham Photography this picture was taken for my schools musical 😍😍😍😍😍 much gratitude ❤❤❤ https://t.co/sahHPm057K
RT @TheAfricanSiren: Kehinde Wiley's work actually reminds me a lot of Samuel Fosso's photography.
RT @jazzpazaz: yewon kim's photography for ib art // curious & independent 🎐 https://t.co/eFxpEOreM3
10 Tips How to Create Juxtaposition in Your Photography https://t.co/5rzTAoMVu0
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@Antwon_D_Jones its been a looong time since i've been in photography classes.. i used to snap gems tho!!
@Asxpjxcob photography and run an online blog