@thatJordanDrake You know we’re going through a radical shift in photography when people want to put Sony lenses on a Nikon body.
This year I am completely changing my photography. 📸😁 Storytelling and cinematography
Portrait Photography by Elena Zanotti https://t.co/tYjyMV5XIS
Beautiful eastern Wyoming This is between Lingle, Wyoming, and Harrison, Nebraska #Wyoming #photography https://t.co/RCTo2cwuEj
Berry Arts and Photography: PHOTOGRAPHY & ART https://t.co/yI7BzH4odG
Some times get lucky with the sunset in #brighton on this engagement shoot for a lovely couple. @UKNikonhttps://t.co/lr4monqErU
If you are wanting a professional photographer to cover all aspects of commercial photography check out Trevor Knig… https://t.co/0wI6z2arVI
RT @SvetlanaKisely1: Touch the shadow... By Svetlana Kiselyova #photography https://t.co/bl8f4RmajH
RT @substitute: Bug fixes & performance improvements courtesy Vieler Photography https://t.co/1H4CdalrNI
Am Tag des #Frauenwahlrecht ; Frauen die keine Wahl haben. #childmarriage Verkrüppelte Frauenrechte sind immer Aus… https://t.co/LaePrRusaa
RT @nonnaporzia: Se ti guardo negli occhi, svanisce ogni mia pena, ogni tormento; se ti bacio la bocca, perfettamente sano ecco dive… https://t.co/NbcqHNDfVl
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東京カメラ部Twitterアカウントへのichi_no_tsukiさんの投稿作品。リツイート&いいね!大歓迎です。 https://t.co/2bMwJBRKNm #東京カメラ部 #Photograph #Photography https://t.co/8w6VaI052h
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