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@SenSanders Look at how many health problems in US are over weight related. Let's not to over feed them first then over doze them.
RT @mori11171: この野原ひろしの脳みそ入ってないクソコラシリーズ大好きなんだけど
@chaeroselmt mm, same. it's actually time for me to rest. but, i'm being a rebel! though i might.. actually doze off soon.
Čovekova žudnja je postala sirovina za malu kućnu apoteku u kojoj je izdeljena na doze koje se mogu bezbedno podneti.
I'm really worried I'm not going to be able to make it through today. I'm probs going to doze throughout all of my classes.
@doze_hongkong 美味しいよね。コーヒーに合うし☕️
Зеваю так, что слезы текут ручьем Слезные канальцы ликуют: им наконец-таки дали свободу действий
I wanna annoy the TL with SC pics ☺️ Lemme go doze
I can't sleep so I guess it's Netflix till I Doze Off
Pinterest til I doze off
RT @akshu_shades: I am so sleepy i wanna punch someone. But i cant cz i will doze off half way through the punch.
RT @thatassize: i think i'm seeing these dead poses as more of a "i no longer have to move furniture to /doze"
@Masaff14 @Coming_Superone @crimsoncheek @_bosch_ うへw たっかww 女の子ララもぷりけつならそれでも買ったけど、/dozeと同じポーズじゃ買わない!w 宙返りも忍者でジャンプすればいいし・・
Finna be 1 & can't doze off
But I'll be smokin diesel till I doze off
Maaaa I went on Reddit so that I can read stories to get sleepy while reading and doze off eventually but here I am, laughing my ass off.
sometimes i just sit on my floor and doze off for like an hour.
i think i'm seeing these dead poses as more of a "i no longer have to move furniture to /doze"
RT @kamil_yu: Just before i doze myself to sleep. One last for this awesome yet humble girl i truly love, #KCAPinoyStar…
The moment she doze off I'm joining her lbs
Ok, now to doze off to the sound of my fav podcasters on @PodSaveAmerica 💫❤️
É uma irresponsabilidade deixar outros doze carros entrarem na avenida esta noite.
今日まわる本屋2件でヒロビ置いてなかったら流石にポチる もう本屋巡りの方にお金と時間とられる