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RT @kimjyans: how did they become the same height......
-Birthdate July 14th 1993 Birthplace Osaka Japan, Height 155.0cm #SayaneeProfile
RT @kaidenkillinu: Female height Chart: 4'10 - 5'1: Baddie 5'2 - 5'4: Damn mami 5'5 - 5:7: Cute 5'8+: try to kiss me & u gon catch these hands u big ass nigga
RT @AngelAbucay_: yung 5'9 up po height tapos moreno po matangos pangarap makasali sa TI7 tska tumatanggap ng topakin lang po pls papakabait na ko thank u
The 9 Best Adjustable Height & Standing Desks — Annual Guide 2016 #design #style
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I only weigh 15.21 lbs. My height is 2"3.6".
The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions. William F. Scholavino
カンチ!  鈴木保奈美は160cm 東京出身 HONAMI SUZUKI
RT @yujaeyong_: W X NCT 127 X ESTEEM PARK YU RI - 유리 Birth: 1994 Height: 186 cm Waist: 30 inch Shoe: 280 mm IG acc:…
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[EXO Facts] Chanyeol born November 7th 1992. Height 185 cm * highest in EXO-K *. Chanyeol full name is Park ChanYeol
RT @TheseDamnWords: I don't care about your - age - weight - sexuality - height - gender - skin color. As long as you respect me, I'll respect you.
How can a medium Hun secure a height That is done by INF. Arty fires in support. Long rg is imp.
Iseng ngehitung height gap antara kris taehwan joohyuk dengam aku. WKWKWKKWWKW BEDA SEPENGGARIS 30 CM 😂😂😂😂😂
he dearly mourns incident , 24 years but no condolences for #26/11 which was 8 year ago #BabriMasjid Indian media a…
RT @OT10tagon: The media attempting to adjust the height difference but it just boosts the tall line and shrinks the short line XD
@dairymanNZ @dimsie it's easy if you're of a normal height, eg my height and taller. 😜
RT @RoxyPirate: Jimin:What you getting me? Jungkook: Height #ChristmaswithBTS
RT @AlexZarlengo: When @ladygaga shows up to your job and schools u in heels twice the height, with collapsible wings, belting the whole time. #VSFashionShow
@koatnay and homegirl was so mad she got hit by an "average height" girl but had no problem pulling her hair
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