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#SinónimoDePerfección: Música, chocolate, pizza, abrazos, nutella, besos, vacaciones, doritos, inter.
Billy Joel was awesome! Also Cool Ranch Doritos are good
Seem like whatever I say doesn't even matter😒🙄
RT @sammyrhodes: Doritos are less chips and more a gateway drug.
Food//// it's 4am and I woke up but there's Doritos downstairs so I grabbed a cheeky packet
Does it get any better than a peanut butter and jelly with cool ranch Doritos in the middle?! 😍👅
Que miedo el comercial de doritos
parece que voltei pra 2010, passando a madrugada jogando Dota, comendo Doritos e tomando coca-cola
RT @journalzus: Doritos diablo -Eran la verga -Porque los tenian que quitar -Ni picaban -Que regresen #MexicanDesmadreNeverDies
Doritos taste better with a wine black and mild
RT @sammyrhodes: Doritos are less chips and more a gateway drug.
RT @BuzzFeed: People have fallen in love with this teen’s adorably “cheesy” promposal
RT @Independent: Teen asks girl to the prom and goes viral for the best reason possible
MySoberFriday:Robbie wasted, feedin Buddy Doritos as we watchin Shameless "Laura you're the coolest daughter a dad could ask for I love you"
Doritos aren't very flavorful anymore. They used to have like mega seasoning on one side when I was younger...
@Chris_Sabean but talk to me about doritos and ill go down
RT @williamvercetti: when your friend is eating doritos and he lets you lick his fingers
Querendo uma porção de fritas com cheddar e doritos
Got that family shizzz until 5 tomorrow. we got them purple bags of Doritos they lit. Lets play battlegrounds fam
Now how did THAT happen? Surely, it wasn't from eating too many Doritos. #TrumpCuts #TRUMPCARE #trumpcarefail #acha
Toda la vida pensando que el aire es gratis hasta que te compras una bolsa de Doritos.
Vendo poca sal e doce, doritos e batatinha
RT @LilLozan4: I'm not even hungry, but I'm about to grab the Doritos lol
RT @ElPelirubiusOmg: No tengo plata y mira lo que me encontré en el shopping