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Can somebody bring me some Doritos, sour cream, and salsa😩
Couldn't leave the shop without buying 2 bags of Doritos and a dip. And Jaffa cakes. Just for me 🙄🐷
My entire dorm floor smells like a mixture of weed & Doritos and it may be the worst smell ever
When #KFC meets #Doritos, it is definitely #ANiceKindOfSurprise. Coming your way on Sun 22nd
um amor chamado:doritos❤
@TourMicao uai ela gosta de homens que parecem doritos estragados
Organic, all-natural, free-range Doritos.
RT @epicgamemusic: Charging A Phone With Mountain Dew and Doritos
@danisnotonfire tv and polar bears is the same amount of basic as doritos and mountain dew. it works too well to criticise
Cheetos or Doritos? — I hate snacks
Chris and I went to 3 different stores last night looking for @Doritos Blazin Buffalo Ranch Chips... Finally found them & bought 10 bags😂😂😂
@Shon_Howell @PiousKnob @TheNewMeat Don't drink Zima, it zucks! Give me a Crystal Pepsi or a Surge with my 3D Doritos.
RT @epicgamemusic: Charging A Phone With Mountain Dew and Doritos
Vístete, borra tu pasado, que te llevo a mi futuro.
Charging A Phone With Mountain Dew and Doritos
Missão cumprida! Missão doritos na minha barriga cumprida com sucesso Ke 😂😂
@imnotloren But she has examples!...and several opened bags of Doritos.
Mountain Dew, Doritos My Haikus are fucking dope I'm edgy as fk
RT @naty2mendes: só um doritos
Toda la vida pensando que el aire es gratis hasta que te compras una bolsa de Doritos.
@SlimElephant_ Pizza, cupcakes, salads and a lot of Doritos
@DjLeeButler @RadioCity967 I say throw us a bag of doritos me self!