Tweets about a recent trend: Doodle

i wish i had my gell pens with my so i could doodle on my hands
started journaling again!!!in my very first page here's a @ConanXCanon doodle💛 i'm so in love with idle town despit…
@JohnMayer can we get a Wang Dang Doodle during the California run of @deadandcompany shows this summer? Much appreciated.
RT @ohnips: Doodle of the real heroes at Civil War 🌟
RT @Yoaihime: I refined a doodle I did in class cause I have no energy&nothing else to post~~~
RT @Sylavii: dino aesthethick @LauraisLate is great and colored @trinityfate62 's doodle of ancient dino girl
RT @alyssaucy: taking break from automata to doodle automata
@coraliiiine i used to doodle all over gameplans at AMC and I got in trouble once omg
RT @nikkinacks: this doodle from @psychicpebble gives my frail mind STRENGTH
RT @coraliiiine: Another little noodle doodle since I'm bored at work
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