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Okay so the EMA's are gonna be in Rotterdam this year, on november 6th. But i don't have money anymore, i spent it all on the merch at
If you my friend and we out you don't have money I GOT YOU! And you will never have to pay me back πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ”‘
@kurtis_conner i don't have money but i'll listen to it on Spotify, gotchu
I don't have money for Christmas gifts so I'll give you free hugs and back massages. πŸ’›
@dinahtaco amd her sister wants lm's i suddenly don't have money
when i don't have money i ask my mom to buy me something and she does but the second i get money and ask for something "you have money" πŸ™„πŸ™„
RT @9GAG: When I have money, I have nothing to buy. When I don't have money, I want everything. πŸ˜‘
if taylor drops an album tonight when i don't have money in my iTunes account i am going to scream
Nonono you gotta keep hoping. I live in Belgium and don't have money lol but I keep on dreaming no matter what!
I don't have money to buy #Battlefield1 right now but i really want to play. Mind shooting me a free copy ?? πŸ˜‰ @Battlefield
If we had plans to go out, and now you don't have money..just fake sick or something. Lol say your car broke down. Call out.
RT @MeezyWorldPeace: Or stay your broke ass home if you don't have money to tip
RT @MeezyWorldPeace: Or stay your broke ass home if you don't have money to tip
If I don't have money for a date then we not going nowhere
RT @GarrettMont: When I didn't have money to give the homeless lady outside the club and she said "if you don't have money then why…
There is karaoke and a lounge tonight, but I don't have money for the lounge and karaoke is free.......
@TGH_srl I was just thinking I need a PMD2 shirt and you post this dang it I don't have money right now
I really want to buy blue neighborhood but I don't have money😩
RT @Tangwes: When the squad says it's time to leave the pre drinks to go to the club but you don't have money for entrance.
Need a new phone + don't have money + so tired/stressed I can't actually sleep = probably going to watch Berena scenes on YT until dawn.
It's so hard making plans when you don't have money or a car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It's funny when I don't have money I wanna buy everything
RT @StiryOfficial: β€œI don’t have #money, but I do have #time”. A #kindness a day goes a long way.
RT @BrujaBanton: And most of these dummies saying that don't have money for anyone to gold dig. Up your pay grade, pleigh boy.