Dont Ask

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RT @RJ_Word: Don't ask 'Why', ask instead, 'Why not'.
RT @shrayapandey: don't ask anyone about me but me
RT @Abdulla_Alz: I love explanations, justifications, reasons, don't ask me to do something just because I have to, convince me, prove to me, move my mind.
Can someone translate 'You can't sleep here tonight, performance artist' into both German and French for me? Don't ask.
Her: "Don't ask me because I'm just going to say be a hoe." Me: What?? That's never okay!
RT @Beamo23: Driverless cars? If you ask me this all started when we did away with elevator operators. (People don't ask me stuff much anymore.)
RT @_osno: If you don't ask for "one more besito" when you say bye, you sleeeep af
RT @_beatsbynav: Don't ask anyone but me about me.
Don't ask for nothing you can't handle 💁🏽 common sense is not so common 🤦🏽‍♀️
Mom I gotta move to LA. Don't ask why
"In the gym we don't ask for muscles to lift the weight. #faith #god #hope #strength #prayer #believe #motivation
RT @xmartynfreemunx: don't ask me if I miss them. well the truth is, I am crying by just looking at this photo
If anyone knows me, they know I don't ask people for shit and if I do it be little shit.
RT @nicoleenumba9: Yall mcm's only suck toes on twitter lmao he pray u don't ask for him to when y'all together
RT @matth33w: Don't ask anyone but me about me.
@KaivanShroff - maybe she and hubby have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Snort!
@thelife0femily don't ask questions. Don't.
RT @SmallLindsay: SmallBu tonight is just doing fanart of the West Huntington Virginia Mayor Steve Williams okay don't ask questions.…
Don't ask for the truth if you can't fucking handle it.
RT @itsslex: don't ask anyone but me, about me .
RT @matth33w: Don't ask anyone but me about me.
RT @AccurateText: I don't ask for much, loyalty is good enough.
RT @matth33w: Don't ask anyone but me about me.
RT @ChaleneJohnson: If you want to be leader, don’t ask what you can do. Instead, figure it out and DO it!
RT @ExMuslimTV: When was the last ex-Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/Sikh/Jew/atheist killed for SIMPLY leaving his (non-)faith? Don't ask…