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RT @michaelmason070: If you don't like the truth, don't ask for it.
don't ask. cuz I won't speak
RT @allison_mick: If you wouldn't ask a 100% black person if something is racist, don't ask me. And if you would, um, still don't ask me.
I don't ask for much just be down to go even on pizza and beer kiss me all night and let me rub your back.
don't ask me how I'm doing.... you know I'm always doing great with or without you
RT @KingStoneyTho: don’t ask ANYONE BUT me, ABOUT me. Period.
Don't ask me questions that you already know the answer too.... 👌🏾
If you don't do anything for me don't ask me for shit from now on.
Girls who don't ask for much, deserve it all.
RT @AboutVirgos: #Virgos don't ask for much, the least you can do is show them that you love and care for them.
RT @bballMERCi: Officially done with Fall 2016. Don't ask anything about FAMU, classes, GPA, professors NONE OF THAT until January.
Completely yucked out. This is why I don't ask people who they've previously dealt with. Cause y'alls hitlists be trash.
If you have questions that involves me or is about me ask me don't ask everyone else because they probably don't know either 😂🙄
RT @Absolute5alid: I am a very private person, yet I am an open book. If you don’t ask…I won’t tell.
I work my ass off, go to school and make good grades, don't ask for much. But I'm still not enough for my mom
Don't ask for something you ain't ready for
But you don't ask me to be around you because your " man " don't like me and have a problem with me for some unknown reason but YET
RT @InquiringKs: Don't ask children questions that you already know the answer to. @TracyPick @CherylEmrich #connectinglearners
Women don't ask for relationships they either assume they're in one or they force men into them
RT @JudoKnowMeTho: Females tweet they need some dick...but don't ask to fuck tho cause that's disrespectful 🙄😭😂
Damn. Don't ask why but I started the Redskins defense over KC!
RT @kissmefreedom: If you think having a Cheez-It box as a tree topper won't be "festive enough" then don't ask me to host Christmas again, mother.
"Your snapchat what did you say?" & deon said " no don't ask cause at 3 in the morning it's probably a sexual message"
RT @AboutVirgos: #Virgos don't ask for much, the least you can do is show them that you love and care for them.