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RT @ritholtz: Here is a sneak peak at my Masters in Business interview with Vanguard's William McNabb
@infolib_robin @Spotify seen her support ian mcnabb a few times
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RT @Shawtyfeels: *removes the cute emoji next to your name* because you're not shit anymore
@mcnabb_laura That's a good choice! We're sorry to hear that Laura, we do appreciate any feedback. Thanks
McNabb, Illinois, is a thing and I am glad. Spot the new AV...
RT @Dory: the gender neutral term for sugar daddy is glucose guardian
@SNpcAthlete @toddarcher Not to be rude. But Max Kellerman and McNabb are not my go to sources for NFL insight. Or any insight. Ever.
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Ian McNabbの「Little Episodes」を #AppleMusic で聴こう。
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RT @sadgirlkms: i just want someone to be overly in love w me
Nothin but a stove in there
RT @GriffinRucker: The fact that they let Donovan McNabb give sports opinions on TV gives me confidence that I can make it as a sportscaster.
I wonder if the NHL will suspend Rousell? His reaction to a clean hit by McNabb was ridiculous
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Got hit by Matt McNabb while filming the West De Pere game but proud that I didn't fall!!!