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Eli dari jomblo sampe sekarang dah punya anak, dongho dari maknae sampe dah punya anak juga. Ku cinta kaleand
@Dongho94 why don't you talk to anyone in english ;__; ##Dongho
RT @sataengist: wondergirls - hyuna, sunye, sohee girls day - jihae (+more) 9muses - sera, minha, hyuna, erin (+more) ukiss - kibum…
UKISS’ Dongho adalah classmate-nya di Hanlim Art School.
@Dongho94 please reply in english T__T ##Dongho
@dongho_chang Thank you for all the work you do this day and every day for all of us!
@Dongho94 please help me doing my homework kkk ##Dongho
@dongho_chang @GordonOfSeattle this'd be a nightmare for me in my 'hood. Loud people talking at all hours. Disruptive to #sleep especially.
RT @amisakihyuriko: fuck dongho ukiss n eli ukiss dah kahwin n dah ada anak dah pon?!!! aku tak tahu wehhh
Heading home time. Feels great to work on something for the community and then receive a heartfelt thank you. Such a great day.
#Sullifact u-kiss dongho mengagumi sulli
@minwoo_dongho さくパーン!ありがとう💥💥
@dongho_chang @seattledot I'll write my city council. then have them ride the bus with me. at least it sure ...
@FunkCaptMax @seattledot No project for this location at this time. 3rd from Virginia to Broad will be this year
Suzy pernah menerima video call dari Dongho U-kiss yang berkata "Mari kita bertemu satu kali dan menjadi dekat"
@seattledot @dongho_chang this neglected stretch of 3rd Ave S deserves concrete pavement. (S Main to Yesler) the 🚌🚎…
@7mksuasm さらちゃ〜〜ンおめでとう🎂🌹
U-KISS's Dongho is Krystal's classmate.
@takoyaki_dongho おお!やっと!!笑 途中飛んでるけどおもしろいべ!! あとね、監獄実験も読んでほしい! 今なら全部読めるから👌
crying rn why is life so hard ##Dongho
@MrJadaml Yes, pedestrian signals will be installed as part of the street car project. construction next year.
estaba viendo tu historial y vi que te gusta el kpo... — ay<3Lee Hongki,Dongho y Yoon Shi Yoon pero no es ca...
Dongho why are you so cute ;___; ##Dongho