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Kibum: “Lagu bagus. Siapa penyanyinya ?” Donghae: “Ohh. Kau suka mereka ? Super Junior” Kibum: “Super Junior ? AKU NGGAK SUKA MEREKA” *LOL*
RT @DH_051106: #동해 #Donghae #서울지방경찰청 #서울경찰 #카카오내비 이상경님 목소리 넘나 좋다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 운전하는 중이 아니라 자세한 길안내 음성은 없지만..ㅠㅠ 그래도 좀 여기저기 걸으니까 방지턱이랑 방향,…
frick this. donghae.
RT @SJ_Epi2: ELFが宿舎から仲良く2人で出かけたウネに、なんでいつもそんなにくっついてるんですか?と聞くと、ドンへは「ヒョクチェは俺のだから」と言い、ウニョクは「なんで俺がお前のなんだよ お前が俺のだろ!」と答えた
RT @BangtanMozao: Recado especial do @BTS_twt para o Brasil - Wings Tour 2017
RT @teukables: Eunhyuk: D-175 ♥︎ Donghae: D-177
RT @shfly3424: [#STATION] #YESUNG X #SEULGI 'Darling U' Jan 22, 0AM KST. A sweet duet song written by YESUNG. #DarlingU…
RT @DH_051106: 입대한거 까먹고 전화했다 ... ⏳ #예동 엉엉... 얼른 7월 14일 와주라... #예성 #동해 #yesung #donghae
RT @HelloJull: Após ver minha nota do #ENEM: Qria dizer q a partir de hj estarei no calçadão tds os dias vendendo minha arte
WORLDERPE @NCTLDH_twt i thought youre chara is donghae
@daehwyun he is my 2nd man in sj after donghae 🙊
i rly love the coda of sj's a short journey, the short rap of donghae huhuhu gidarilge
ユノヒョン、チャンミンが来てくれた ㅎ もう10年の付き合い ㅎ ありがとう!!
Istri sahnya Lee Donghae,HBU?
RT @13elieveSG: [HD PIC] 170118 Seoul Police Facebook Update - Police officer Donghae narrating for a navigation app~ He looks so c…
"There was once where I cried because i missed my parents. Donghae hyung was always beside me, comforting me." - Kyuhyun
RT @tinyyhae: So Donghae lends his voice to narrate SMPA x KakaoNavi collab's navigation app ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RT @Nanahae1210: ここで こういう風にお仕事してるんだろうなぁってドンへを想像してみた(´˘`*) #Donghae #동해
RT @MrChoi_: 161221 서울경찰 힐링콘: 시크한 아가 볼 살짝궁 쥐어보던 시원이, 귀여워 어쩔 줄 모르던 동해T-T 눈 감아도 멋지니까...☞☜ They couldn't stop falling in love with…
Donghae anak rajin lagi belajar... Jangan ganggu u,u