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“When Donghae had an overseas schedule, my underwears disappeared. Hae, why did you take my underwear?!” – Eunhyuk o,O
RT @yeolvelyly: 어머..웃는거 너무 미남... 진짜 눈동자에 빨려 들어간다 웃는거 예쁘고 잘생기고 오빠 혼자 다 하시네요.. 진짜 웃는거 심장 설레요🎈 #동해 #Donghae
@lulalick we're at donghae's cafe to study and she came up to us to say hi. And she told me to move my table closer to my friend's
This is My Account RP "Lee Donghae from Super Junior" Have A Nice Day All
RT @trulyhae: The best weapon in the world: Lee Donghae's eyes 💗💗
@donghae861015 오빠 왜 탈을 쓰고 계세요..? 옴므파탈이요^^♥
“Jangan biarkan dirimu menyesal.” - Lee Donghae
RT @DH_051106: SUPER JUNIOR D&E ASIA TOUR -PRESENT- Saturday Night 춤추는 댄싱규 ~(˘▾˘~)(~˘▾˘)~ #동해 #은혁 #규현 #Kyuhyun #donghae #eunhyuk…
RT @donghae927: D218 #Donghae #ドンへ #동해 #東海 #WaitingForDonghae 1日1回のドンへ💓 하루에 한번 동해 ブルワのドンヘさん。💕イケどんへ✨😳
Wahhhhh!!!! We just talked to donghae's mom!!!!
RT @shitsujudoes: Donghae the type to mess up then try to play it cool
Life if happiness happiness is the fact that i can do something right now -Donghae
RT @mydalnim404: I was thinking about... It would be awesome if Donghae & Hyukjae dance some Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars song next D&E tour !!!
RT @13elieveSG: [HQ PIC] 161207 voice_eunsun Instagram Update - Police officer Siwon and Donghae always look cool in their uniform!
“Pertama, aku ingin ELF selalu sehat, jagalah kesehatan sebelum yang lainnya.” –Donghae
“For me, the most loyal man is Donghae who earnestly sheds tears for the members, really, I think he’s a loyal man.” -Kyuhyun