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RT @Radio_951: This weekend, I met the family of the boy I donated bone marrow to - @CynicalMother
RT @k1ngchulo: A percentage of every #LaChiefa hat sold this week will be donated to @SeabrookCrook commissary.
RT @subhashchandra: Donated 100% of my parliament salary to PM relief fund. Gave cheque today to Modi ji personally, will take only 1 rupee/month in future
@PTeach111 I will too. I had donated by putting it in his birthday card.He received so many. I had 2 with me I gave him when I met him.💌🌠🎭💓💓
@5Forty3 Sir,I had donated Rs5k to your acc on 17-Mar. Still have got no confirmation from your side. Pls check that youhave recvd the money
RT @MarchingDeadd: @SonequaMG we're zombie fans/artists trying to make a difference. Can we get a share? Proceeds donated to @theIRC.
RT @EmmaLarouche: Cure for pain, a work by Canberra-based artist eX de Medici has been donated to @AWMemorial and is now on display.…
A percentage of every #LaChiefa hat sold this week will be donated to @SeabrookCrook commissary.
RT @rooming93: spread this please!!! people who need help/funds deserve ALL the funds donated to them
RT @FriendsWGP: Volunteer Sheree Manning attaching the new microphones we donated to @WAParksWildlife for #westerngroundparrot reco…
@nagolgames a livestream on YouTube, a lot of viewers donated for their house fund
RT @LibyaLiberty: They had been distributing 160 packages of food, supplies and clothing donated by supporters. No excuse for this a…
@peterdaou Then theres all that money the Arab states and Russia donated to the Clinton Slush Fund oops Clinton Foundation
RT @PDXRivetersSG: Know someone who wants to see the Thorns today? Have them come by the Fanladen! A block of tickets were just donate…
RT @adnfest: We would also like to thank all the fans who supported the song and the donated to the fundraising activity. (7/8)
I just donated to the Bharatiya Janata Party! Donate today for a better tomorrow, visit
Yoooooo Thanxx to Everyone that donated today, Woohoo, But for real this Deathstroke costume is going to be Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!
RT @5Cacia: Thank you to everyone who helped with this years 5k. We are proud to announce that we donated over $25,000 to pancreatic cancer research!!
RT @MJJLegion: On this day In 1988, Michael Jackson's ‘Man In The Mirror’ hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100! All of the song proceeds we…
And all the money she makes from this gets donated to Pencils of Promise!!
RT @iaSEoBY: เพราะอยากมีความทรงจำดีๆ 1 Rt. = 1฿, 1 Fav. = 1฿ *ช่วยหน่อยจะได้รู้ว่าDonated เท่าไหร่ดี 555 🍎🍭🔥💙 #THEWINGSTOURinbangkok
RT @AlwayzRamCharan: Did His First Stage Performance And Donated a Huge 1CR of his Remuneration to the flood Affected City,Chennai 👏…
RT @zlj517: 1. Another ship in Gwadar port, with construction material & equipment for 10-bed emergency hospital donated by Red…