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RT @drugstoremag: 'El apartamento, Don Draper y el gusto por los viejos remedios', por Rodrigo Amorós.
RT @Gandorfomismo: Soñé una vez que bailaba en el balcón (?) con Don Draper y sonaba Tame Impala (????
Soñé una vez que bailaba en el balcón (?) con Don Draper y sonaba Tame Impala (????
@AshGoCrazyIII So women would treat carl the cuck the same way they treat a don draper type of guy? HAHAHAHAHA
We feel frustrated that I am having to do this work. We hated the Don Draper and purple iPhone jokes on Craigslist. We felt uncomfortable.
"You don't kiss boys, boys kiss you" -Betty Draper.
koskoca don draper elini yuvarlak yapmış "ommmmmm" bu ne şimdi? çok morelmanım bozuldu
Huey Draper Client Appreciation Series 2/3 Don't forget to peep @hueydraper 's newly released…
monetizemore: The Modern Don Draper
What you call 'love', was invented by guys like me. To sell Nylons - Don Draper #MadMen #RealSwag #MICAadswag
RT @DonnaDiva: Some people watched Mad Men and saw it as a trenchant critique on 60s culture. Others thought Don Draper was awesome and inspirational.
@Eazywarren @lovelacedasia nah we don't lol we going to kc
"Don Draper is frat" -A Fuckboy
"Make it simple, but significant." — Don Draper
don draper is such an asshole!!!!!!
Almost forgot how much I love Don Draper. Almost.
And #Supergirl saved Don Draper credit for all his work out of town.
Dejen de hacer memes del princeso ❤Don Draper❤ por que es mío ok?
Don Draper = Christian Grey 😍
@DOPEITSMON @jayquannyquan @Tae_Country the person talking is definitely @draper_brown 😭😭😭 nigga don't know when to shut up lmaoooo
Don Draper is such a douche, I hope he dies in the finale.
Binge watching #madmen, don draper #theman but can also make u cringe. Great show!
Nuestros maestros son DON DRAPER y Philph Morris...