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Check out the highly-rated eBook "Dolphins: Our Amazing World" by Kay de Silva #kindle
Black Cove-Dolphins are held over Night in the Cove. Thoughts are with them. Pray! Dec 07 2016 #DolphinAngels
Miami Dolphins Badge Run by Fans for Fans! Please re-tweet
イルカは人に非常に近い感情や思考を持っています #Dolphins have thoughts & feelings very similar 2 humans. RT #dolphinangels #イルカ天使
#Dolphins イルカ達にも感情があります。コリント湾で仲間の死を嘆き悲しんでいるのが目撃されています。RT 拡散希望
#Dolphins have feelings too! This fella was spotted mourning a dead friend (Gulf of Corinth)
RT @GreenpeaceAu: 30 species of whales & dolphins depend on the Great Barrier Reef. It's their survival that is critical, not a mine…
@MyTravelAffairs @TravelBohemian the Big Island is awesome! So much to see and do. Here's a shot of our whale watch…
I keep my IPhone close so I can Tweet for the Dolphins! Please join me, #dolphinangels
RT @Colts_TheGrid: Close battle at the half as the Texans lead 7-0
RT @anonitgoes: Wild dolphins, captured in #Japan and made into sushi,This must stop. please speak up #OpKillingBay
RT @Oper_blog: Вы никогда не задумывались, почему дети любят качели? Они симулируют невесомость, то есть человек с рождения стремится преодолеть гравитацию
RT @DailyMemeSuppIy: Wow dolphins are such beautifully elegant creatures 😍😍
[NFL: Miami Dolphins] AC In The AM: 10 Questions With Spencer Paysinger #Dolphins #Phins
@jhalli_arti shuts ups dolphins, kaisi ladki ho aap mams? nothing biggrs our religions okies. jai shri Ram
RT @Dolphin_Project: Taiji: All 11 boats in drive formation. Swim fast and deep dolphins! 11.00am 2016.12.7 #dolphinproject
The dolphins Christmas party was so lit until shit went down
RT @Dolphin_Project: Taiji: pod of dolphins being driven in from the south. We will keep you updated. 12.07pm 2016.12.7 #DolphinProject
RT @MauisDolphins: Fishing activity is responsible for over 95% of Maui #dolphins dying! The terrible (hidden) cost from #NZ fish.…
I'm on a two day conference, and currently hanging out with dolphins who seem to want to play with me. 😍🐬
Dolphins - not endangered, hunted by few, suffer minutes. Is this conservation? #Tweet4Taiji #ShutTaijiDown #OpKillingbay #tweet4dolphins
[NFL: Miami Dolphins] - AC In The AM: 10 Questions With Spencer Paysinger
RT @Lady_Tyrant: I forgot how beautiful dolphins are 😍