Dog Tweeple

If you love dog tweets, this feed is for you! Created by Chris (the human) and Mackenzie (the dog). Follow us at @FourLeggedMedia. Woof, grrr, arf!

RT @PaulMalignaggi: Dipshit he got his boxing license tryin 2 box! What do you think all this fuss is bout? Crawl out from under the…
RT @WeLoveDogsUSA: This man has brought a big beautiful dog home from the pound! Save a pet. Adopt! #dogs #pets #animals…
AC - Lil Miss Muffet is now available for adoption! This female Pit Bull Terrier is an adult. Learn more at
RT @ICollectCans: Isn't Clitoris that big ass red dog
this whole thread is shit aside from the dog tweet nabber on the TL.. watch out lads
@PlvwISD @GenerationTexas last Top Dog Tuesday! 85 PLV SRS met the challenge by Nov. 30!!! #dogpoundcollegebound.
You know you're good at stalking when you find the owners of a dog you really liked on holibobs on Insta
@RawStory I'm sure President Trump will roll over like puking dog Obama
If you have either a dog or a cat I'm gonna be more inclined to come over
RT @chagg3_: all i want is a golden retriever and a pug and a lab and a husky and a wiener dog and a golden doodle and a yorkie and another golden retire
RT @DailyPups: if you are having a bad day please look at this pup and if you are having a good day please also look at this pup
RT @bubblestbh: my dog is cuter than ur boyfriend
RT @DC_ARVSgt: . @Lois2906 I hope so! I need to get my dog on here again to boost the ratings! Transferring here?
RT @_amandatorre: my dog always tries to climb up my shoulder. today i let her, and this happened
a puppy rn is what i need in my life
RT @alanshearer: Very honoured and proud to receive my CBE today in recognition of my charity work. Thank you to everyone who suppor…
RT @CUTEST_ANlMALS: When a cute dog passes by in a car and you know you'll probably never see them again
@ElTwistter ajjaja yo tambien xd😛😘
RT @TheWorldOfFunny: When your dog wants to take a selfie
The internet is rallying to help fund this dog's facelift
My favorite time of the day is when my parents yell at eachother and my dog and i just quietly creep back into our rooms
my dog is so clingy oh my god