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If you love dog tweets, this feed is for you! Created by Chris (the human) and Mackenzie (the dog). Follow us at @FourLeggedMedia. Woof, grrr, arf!

RT @suzumuradasaku: ガンダム勢「スクフェスがアーケードに来るらしいな」 格ゲ勢「ガンダム動物園以下は流石に無いだろう」 ボダ勢「あいつら無制限とか理解できるのかな?」 音ゲ勢「ジャンル的に一緒にされるの一番嫌だなぁ」 ラブライバー「オタ芸コーナー作れ合唱させろ」 アケゲ勢一同「えぇ…」
RT @deafielisa: This fake assistance dog situation is getting out of hand seen 3 dogs with makeshift jackets on something needs to be done@PennyMordauntMP
RT @girlposts: I'm just as confused as this dog
@megaquest @Necrid83 trotzdem schade das man diese Dog Tags nie bekommt😑
やまなこ…Merry Merrily…最高だよ……
Man punches a kangaroo in the face to rescue his dog (Original HD)
RT @girlposts: I'm just as confused as this dog
RT @EmilyOsment: Don't own a dog unless you're prepared to have it steal/eat an entire gingerbread house and then throw it up in your car.
RT @PeterEgan6: .@DailyMirror thank you for highligthing this How you could give a home to a dog rescued from Korean meat trade hell
RT @tochigisatooya: 【 #里親募集 】「mix♂ アサヒくん」#栃木県 #鹿沼市 - 犬の里親募集(17394) :: ペットのおうち/愛護センターよりレスキュー #犬 #dog
RT @domitila_gitter: Spare The Cash? Dog Breeds that Cost A Fortune, #15 Is A Cutie!
@MyhillCindy I'm in a rented house so can't have one. My brother has a boxer pup. He's lovely x
@DTOMVII @Cathy_Crawley pretty sure that mutt has at least four other mutts under that shroud
@CareQualityComm an appointment because they wouldn't do an electronic referral to a hospital and they sent it to wrong address..
RT @CamboNutz: Can't tell if the sweater or the dog is softer @awonderdj
RT @UrgentPart2: TO BE DESTROYED 12/07/16 - Please Share:   To rescue a Death Row Dog, Please read...
RT @KhatijahFatima: #TrumpAndKashmir The rabid dog Modi's goof US diplomacy is failed over the issue of Kashmir !
RT @savannahhjbs: Swear were all danny stevens except joey he dont sleep next to a dog he sleeps next to his baby