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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Watch_Dogs 2 [Part 11] - "New Dawn's temple"
Watch_Dogs 2 [Part 11] - "New Dawn's temple": via @YouTube
Wet dude walking wet dogs on a wet December morning
Come and get your love just in time for Christmas! Sawyer. Great with kids. And especially all female dogs! A...
I want a boxer🐕and my boi wants a German Shepherd and a corgi🤔but I'm only going to have 2 dogs and I'm keeping the boxer
RT @dodo: Dreamy, a piglet rescued from a factory farm, thinks she's one of the dogs now. Shh, don't tell her!…
I just want a shot at the hot dogs...
@Singer77S he is an answer to prayer; we worked day n nite for bho wreckless giveaways .. $65,000 on pizza & dogs @realDonaldTrump @haivri
@The_Dogs_Nuts my eyes are bright and smiley.. You don't get it #PrincessDude you're the one who keeps on slipping and I keep on trucking
RT @VisitSeattle: Happy Howlidays! @pioneersquare celebrates 11am-3pm today with free entertainment plus treats for dogs & people.…
@MINNIEMORGANTV plus its going to b a big dog , love big dogs . Little dogs kinda get on my nerves! lol
@WynterJamie @Delia_Melody Dude, I said you were full of shit about 15 minutes ago. You've recycled my criticisms. Lol
RT @pineaIs: dogs deserve to live forever
Transmissão ao vivo do PS4 (WATCH DOGS) via @YouTube
RT @tmgmofo: This cat bout to have females saying niggas cats instead of dogs💀🐱 he really finessing his owner #savagecat
I fucking love dogs
RT @pineaIs: dogs deserve to live forever
Why is my mom over here putting pressure in me to about having another child? WTH? I said my dogs don't need car seats. #traitor
RT @pineaIs: dogs deserve to live forever