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If two nice looking women come to your door, do not answer it. They will talk to you about God for 20 minutes on your front porch.
Will we one day we will be more than friends? Do not answer. Please ... I'm afraid the answer #MPN #ONEDIRECTION
@FSRFlorida It appears this firm is out of business .. Do not answer calls or emails .. Don't mail any payments
Language cop interlude: "agree / disagree" do not answer this question Cc: @ProofingHulk
RT @_niallslina_: Hey , @Ashton5SOS ) I know that you do not answer , but I hope you get to read . Send all those fools who hate you . Know that I love you 😘
Pennsylvania friends: BEWARE there's a text scam saying there is a problem with your PSECU account, do not answer it
RT @JessiGiles26: If I call you & you do not answer... DO NOT call me back & say "did you call".... 🙄🙄🙄 YEAH I CALLED.
If I call you & you do not answer... DO NOT call me back & say "did you call".... 🙄🙄🙄 YEAH I CALLED.
@camilluddington how I feel when I send you something and you do not answer
Girl in my last class was messaging someone labeled "DO NOT ANSWER" I was like nooooo girl don't do itttt
I actually rename them and add the prefix "Do not answer" to their contact name.
@Y0GabbaGabi bitch you're my best friend. Which angers me when YOU DO NOT ANSWER MY MULTIPLE TEXTS
If a women says 'Do what you want' DO NOT DO WHAT YOU WANT🙈😂 Stand still, do not blink, do not answer, dont even breathe, just play dead😉👌🏼
There is no point in giving out a phone number if you do not answer them. Tried to phone 10 mins ago and was told there is a 20 min wait ,
Man I do not answer unsaved 404 numbers especially when I'm not home. If I do it's like "umm hello.. I hope you had the wrong number"
@UL so you guys do not answer not only my emails but also my tweets!! how can I #studyatul in the circumstances 🤔🤔🤔
@thirlsgoulding NO NO NO YIKES DO NOT ANSWER
@CJMendes @zaire2005 @ObamaSucksAnus Do not answer this question, he is trolling
RT @ZikinhaAntonio: Miranda Do not even follow me on twitter I do not follow you back you disappoint me I loved you but you do not answer
I do not answer the door when Cam isn't here. Idc. I've seen too many episodes of Criminal Minds. Plus idk where my knife is
Changing someone's name in your phone to "do not answer" just means you still give a fuck and you're just trying not to. Been there
So my brother snitched on me & my father been blowing my phone up all day 🙄 i changed his name to "do not answer" 😂
RT @tanyeeezus: I never got the point in saving someone as "do not answer" how about tell them to quit calling.... Y'all dumb