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RT @Tormny_Pickeals: protesting? waste of time *votes democrat in gerrymandered district for a losing candidate who won popular vote* now THATS how you do it
RT @ChanelMurder: I've been ignoring my feelings for months now but bitch I can't do it no more
@DeathNinja458 the only way to do it on xbox would be on a modded console with custom skins... or a wii u :)
@Tooms_BB @MikeyTigerLicks @BBCocoBear DO IT TOOMS! use your magic megaphone of destruction!!
RT @c_chisholm: Why we march, why it matters, why journalists should be allowed to do it. This is everything. @Shaya_in_LA @CJR…
Gained 8 new followers in the past week. I’m growing my account the right way, are you? Do it with
RT @noel_fisher: Humming the mission impossible song while you do it is equally unhelpful fyi.
I just pulled a band off my card.. ATM charged me $7.00 to do it what kinda fuckery????
The Charity Livestream - do it for Canni
@katert0t NJ Transit is so, so easy. Do it.
RT @FeministaJones: Tell a racist White man he doesn't matter to you today Do it Do it for America Humble him Make America great for once
RT @ezralevant: Good stuff! Now do it outside the embassy of gay-stoning Saudi Arabia, which donated $25 million to Hillary Clinton.
Whoever makes a promise and then breaks it has a branch from among the branches of hypocrisy. If you promise to do something - Do it!
RT @EvanDrellich: There’s something smug, gutless and/or insulting about involving himself politically then pretending not to. Do it…
RT @b8eak: @louise_corke @chalkymacalpi "Yep you've got to be alert at all times.As they say hard work but some cat's got to d…
Just when I thought I'm gonna watch goodbye as soon as it gets released, i realized i cant do it
RT @idillionaire: 5 lines you should speak everyday: 1. I am the Best. 2. I can do it. 3. God is always with me. 4. I am a winner. 5. Today is my day.
LOLs 🤣thats the way to do it
@BBCPlatinum i'm on the page to do it too
RT @KpopDoo30: The 1st ever group to do it since seoul music awards was founded in 1990 Indeed EXO isn't just a group. EXO is an…