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RT @DineshDSouza: Let's hope @Nike isn't sending a message to jihadis & suicide bombers to "just do it"
"There is nothing so easy but that it becomes difficult when you do it reluctantly." - Publius Terentius Afer
iont do it for da men, they never notice. i just do it for myself cuz im da fuckin coldest
RT @AdorableWords: "i didn't mean it, i was drunk" bs you wanted to and alcohol gave you the excuse to do it
@sylphywaltz @minjastars they do it's ridiculous I had about the same size when I got me and Kari's 6 osomatsu butt magnet keychains
RT @melissapowell_: these next 5 weeks need to hurry up and be over bc this semester is stressing me out so much I can't do it anymore
@sAth_Gillie he doesn't do it for me
A5b: Reaching out to other creatives about collaborating on future projects - can't do it all alone #blkcreatives
RT @dismiss: she wanted to say "don't leave me", but she couldn't do it, not again. she was so tired of begging people to love her.
Whew! 13-hour workday. Dunno how doctors & others do it. I like my job but wouldn't wanna do such hours daily.
@PRADA_GOTONG 챙겼나 확인 해. 물통, 책, 필통, 노트북, 탐폰. 뭐 따로 제출하거나 써서 내야할 건 없냐?
my name is general butt fucking naked, because when i kill and drink blood for power i do it BUTT FUCKING NAKED
RT @OTHdiary: "If you had a friend you knew you'd never see again, what would you say? Say it. Do it. Don't wait. Nothing lasts f…
RT @isabelleduterte: you can do it. you are more than enough. you are loved ✨
RT @TypicalGlRL: Me: I wish I had a better body ugh I'm going to workout tonight Also me: oh it's half past I don't want to o'clock…
Maybe everybody just wanna relieve stress,, some people do it just to look cool 🤦🏾‍♂️
RT @yassipressman__: Do what you love. Love what you do. Do it with love. -Quest This convo is everything! 🙌🏼 📸 Yassi's IGs
RT @TheFunnyVine: Mom: "so if all your friends jumped off a roof would you do it too?" Me:
RT @CalinoFornia: *rolex starts playing* Friend: don't do it Me:
@luckypoptart81 @Undoomed my content sucks but i still do it in hopes it gets better