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@DMX No Baby of Cash money kill prince over his love of my dis of Nikki Minaj with his song on facebook Cash money is behind most thingsGTJ
@DMX You the nerd from porky 2 mutherfucker pon Dexter ass hiding behind the Hoods ways and imagine making shit up in booth sound like uGTJ
The Man Behind The #Music On Seinfeld
Yo DMX need to stop making kids got damn i kno u wanna leave a legacy behind but u got a whole starting 5, bench and injured reserves 😂😂
@DMX Hoods Can't work Job here Edwin Holt Mason ass came 2 barber shop yesterday boss talking behind my back now I quit again same shitGTJ
@DMX Hoods Richest Nigga act hard behind your back but in face Tonette u doing a good job He married why am I on his mind more then herGTJ
@DMX Why Earl is my X boss talkin behind my back why people lieing on me dam Shreveport rape kid civil rights police abuse mail trampingGTJ
@DMX Hoods Richest News All these fuckin lies behind my back man at tire shop lieing telling Letha that im trying to sell him pussy GTJ
@DMX HoodsRichest Whatever I have 2 say I speak it 2 U not behind your back Ain't no man in Shreveport just bitch Niggas getting fuckedGTJ
@gethporno I like anything that has dmx playing in the background. I could watch paint dry if X Gonna Give It To Ya was playing behind it.
Generally don't play reaper but this is perhaps the standout skin just behind Junkrat, plus some DMX:
@DMX Hoods Richest News I'm get mad & kill people rich or poor behind the lies told about who I really am I mad u don't understand God GTJ
@DMX HoodsRichestNews Now these are the times I sometimes miss the flesh life of sex but that behind me I might put Nun suit I'm done GTJ
Behind the Scenes - No Mystery Presents DMX & Rakim "Don't Call Me" :)
@Sammyveli who are the 3 fans behind DMX?
@matto_mama @fakeshoredrive it's history behind that picture . DMX Is a legend! Can't take that away from him
For Hov & DMX to be in the same room together is good enough for me but I know some music comin behind this.. My unc @S_C_ on to something 🐐
@RussilloKanell I'm a little behind on the DVR, but CG shut piece with some DMX? #TRL
@Angelia007 DMX needs a Behind The Music. Man fell of haaaard
@DMX Hoods Richest News Last time someone talk about u I killed many spirits behind it guess doctors gonna feel Hail Mary Hurricanes GTJ
@madbcbad Very seldom do I have the pleasure of watching a THICC ass Widowmaker get blasted from behind to "X gon give it to ya" by DMX.
Can't wait till Chris Brown or DMX comes out with their "behind the music"
I liked a @YouTube video DMX Behind The Music
ESPN on behind me... DMX playing throughout the office... This Seattle Corporate life is 💯 #XGonGiveItToYa
@DMX @damianmarley Hoods Richest News Marley stay in spirit seen mines from behind 2 pictures different looks know I see father in u tooGTJ