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@DMX No Baby of Cash money kill prince over his love of my dis of Nikki Minaj with his song on facebook Cash money is behind most thingsGTJ
@DMX You the nerd from porky 2 mutherfucker pon Dexter ass hiding behind the Hoods ways and imagine making shit up in booth sound like uGTJ
Yo DMX need to stop making kids got damn i kno u wanna leave a legacy behind but u got a whole starting 5, bench and injured reserves 😂😂
@DMX Hoods Can't work Job here Edwin Holt Mason ass came 2 barber shop yesterday boss talking behind my back now I quit again same shitGTJ
@DMX Hoods Richest Nigga act hard behind your back but in face Tonette u doing a good job He married why am I on his mind more then herGTJ
@DMX Why Earl is my X boss talkin behind my back why people lieing on me dam Shreveport rape kid civil rights police abuse mail trampingGTJ
@DMX Hoods Richest News All these fuckin lies behind my back man at tire shop lieing telling Letha that im trying to sell him pussy GTJ
@DMX HoodsRichest Whatever I have 2 say I speak it 2 U not behind your back Ain't no man in Shreveport just bitch Niggas getting fuckedGTJ
Generally don't play reaper but this is perhaps the standout skin just behind Junkrat, plus some DMX:
@DMX Hoods Richest News I'm get mad & kill people rich or poor behind the lies told about who I really am I mad u don't understand God GTJ
@DMX HoodsRichestNews Now these are the times I sometimes miss the flesh life of sex but that behind me I might put Nun suit I'm done GTJ
Behind the Scenes - No Mystery Presents DMX & Rakim "Don't Call Me" :)
@Sammyveli who are the 3 fans behind DMX?
@matto_mama @fakeshoredrive it's history behind that picture . DMX Is a legend! Can't take that away from him
For Hov & DMX to be in the same room together is good enough for me but I know some music comin behind this.. My unc @S_C_ on to something 🐐
@RussilloKanell I'm a little behind on the DVR, but CG shut piece with some DMX? #TRL
@Angelia007 DMX needs a Behind The Music. Man fell of haaaard
@DMX Hoods Richest News Last time someone talk about u I killed many spirits behind it guess doctors gonna feel Hail Mary Hurricanes GTJ
Can't wait till Chris Brown or DMX comes out with their "behind the music"
I liked a @YouTube video DMX Behind The Music
@DMX @damianmarley Hoods Richest News Marley stay in spirit seen mines from behind 2 pictures different looks know I see father in u tooGTJ
@DMX & when u work work work it do do do it behind close door out camara sight don't nobody wanna see what u do4industry dic money trickGTJ
Im behind on @Drinkchamps bout to catch up on the DMX epsiode. Idk how tf this one got passed me.