RT @lndepth: perks of dating me: i laugh at my own jokes so you don't need to
Kim Kardashian Steps In Public With No Underwear
RT @BIvvck: baby i want to come to you & let the universe hold me.
RT @bubblestbh: "what are you twelve" yeah on a scale of one to ten bitch
朝 遅刻なえりちゃんに会うし 実験 測定し直したのにこの時間やし 明日 はるひこやし 今日 幸せ😚💕
@Kaurus7 @SVaveri "Злата Прага, златовласки, заповедный уголок, всюду памятники Кафке – Кафка ложь, да в нём намёк" (Запрещ.Барабанщики) :)
@BehemothCousins I'm not brave enough. I'll wait for Sunday! :-(
RT @wordstionary: You're too blessed to be stressed. Stop focusing on the negatives. Only embrace the positives.
RT @TrueReaIHonest: Watching One make up tutorial turns into 10 real quick
@nondwe_dmb Well watch it yourself, then we can cry together :(
RT @anxietyisme: Don't let anyone treat you like you're wack.
@nondwe_dmb Yeah im so sad they just got killed by Negan :( episode got leaked.
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@R_kissyou でも、マップ結構あるし、武器も増えとるから大丈夫やろ👌
"You crush me with the things you do." #DMB
"Seven oceans pummel the shores of the sea."
RT @gelliottmorris: This is the most powerful campaign ad of 2016. Watch it, share it, then watch it again.
RT @feeshkeks: @feeshkeks I kinda wanna use sunlight blade instead of dmb just because I like the aesthetic effect more though