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@CarcinogenSDA @romscoutSDA Isn't that the one for DJ Hero?
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist DJ Hero Soundtrack - Groundhog (Beat Juggle)
Plugged my PS3 in to play MC with my brother and i just found my DJ hero controller. this might be a sign.
Moral of story: if you want to scratch on PC ultra cheap, ignore DJ Hero turntables. Try Fruity Scratcher instead.
By connecting to the Wii DJ Hero turntable via Bluetooth, you can access ALL the input data: platter rotation, knob, crossfader, etc.
*Law & Order intro voice* 11 hours ago, I attempted to turn a PS3 DJ Hero turntable into a midi controller. This is my story. *DUN DUN* #Deals #VideoGames #Consoles NEW Sealed PS3 DJ HERO 2 Turntable Bundle Controller & Game 80+Mixes New in Box
DJ HERO TURNTABLE KIT/BUNDLE Nintendo Wii Activision 2009 Complete In Box
That moment when u realise your £3.50 purchase of dj hero and deck from the charity shop also contains dj hero 2...
(これは初見でした)DJ Hero Noisia "Groundhog" expert @YouTubeさんから
¿Os acordáis del DJ Hero que regalaban hasta con los cereales? Pues el Guitar Hero Live para el mismo camino...
RT @DJBlackGuy: I'll be your DJ Hero for the night as one of my favorite Spots celebrates its birthday Superhero style. check the...
I liked a @YouTube video from @dabbowabbo DJ Hero Noisia "Groundhog" expert
RT @DetectiveWubz: @DrakeDaiIy @MetrroBoominn 1. that is a song on youtube 2. It's not a remix is he just added a song over it 3. Is that a DJ Hero controller?
RT @YouTubeGaming: D-D-D-D-DROP THE RED TEAM Playing Lúcio with a DJ Hero Turntable →
@TwoZeezs there was dj hero, the tracks were pretty good
Me pones a un tío jugando al Dj Hero y pago antes que por Palangana.
Miento, estoy escuchando las mezclas del primer Dj Hero de Daft punk y Queen que son oro.
RT @techofertas: ¡Ahorra un 55%! DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle XB2 por sólo 58,99€