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I hate the way you make me feel sometimes. 💔
anyone else like the show Hart of Dixie?? 😂
RT @TalbyJustus: Always good to get my “get home from work greeting” from I.B. And Dixie!#MyTwoFurryFriends https://t.co/6l1ZWZcIUG
RT @rivarolhebdo: RIVAROL 3349 : Robert Faurisson : la mort d'un géant au milieu des lâches. Le Brésil aura-t-il bientôt un homme dit… https://t.co/dEnUAgB89D
@ColorMe_Rose @lilspookyarm I don't think so, I had never heard of Harris teeter or Kroger until moving to virgini… https://t.co/6KMSTybh28
Always good to get my “get home from work greeting” from I.B. And Dixie!#MyTwoFurryFriends https://t.co/6l1ZWZcIUG
RT @dabeard: If you are turned away at the polls, say these words: “Give me a provisional ballot with a receipt as required by l… https://t.co/GGmXscmeh3
RT @SalviniFrance: Selon le réalisateur américain Michael Moore, je serais un fanatique, un raciste et je détesterais les gays et les… https://t.co/IfwMPkXSNd
RT @Yvan_Benedetti: Le Prof #Faurisson avait annoncé une bonne nouvelle au monde. L'indicible n'a pas eu lieu. Pr celà il a été sali, d… https://t.co/NoAGTneNVK
the only two valid country song are The Night They Drove Okd Dixie Down and Drinkin’ Problem. no printer, just fax.
RT @shayy_u: I am very blessed and humbled to announce that I have verbally committed to play soccer at Dixie State University!… https://t.co/rztg7JlNcg
Lingerie on Friday? Get Out of Here! https://t.co/PqX6x1b4bl
声を枯らして叫んだーー。 #just be friends #アコギ伴... Just Be Friends アコギ伴奏 / Dixie Flatline feat.巡音ルカ #nanamusichttps://t.co/UoFOooNUrb
RT @FemThrilljoys: Hey friends! It's been a minute, but we're back with a shiny new episode about an 80s romp, a haunted series, and a… https://t.co/8Xypxccoyl
RT @ben_rosen: FOUNDING FATHER: we must always have an electoral college and 2 senators per state ME: ok but what if 40 million p… https://t.co/p1PZIIv89L
RT @KingKurmvdgeon: Omg Trump just said Dixie should replace the Star Spangled Banner.
RT @abbygov: you ever process your emotions in a healthy way just to flex on your dad
RT @laz1023: There are roughly 40 million kangaroos worldwide and there are 8 million people in Ohio so if there was an instance… https://t.co/VeTmI0A4lB
RT @777KAB1: @freefrommatrix @DIXIEDOODLE12 Yup...just wanna know what the names are of the OTHER COUPLE...seems a follower of D… https://t.co/1EP5MpkK0u
RT @ruarealmonster: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| there is no "trans debate" you're just transphobic |___________|… https://t.co/s8oRTX2Nxl
The names of these costumes had me laughing so much! Whoever posted them, thank you! 😂🙌🎃 #HalloweenCostumehttps://t.co/0D5Z4MZJmr
Dixie Jade "Temporary Tattoo" From Whiskey Jam Live Broadcast: https://t.co/RdWgXq4yRU via @YouTube