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RT @idkdayan_: HOLY FUVK THIS IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL... https://t.co/fNtRB5aHHz
#NowPlaying Dionne Warwick - You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling. Streaming at https://t.co/TzvcSt8exA #oldies
*throws on my kimono to remind myself that I'm royalty*
RT @saltinurchai: you dionne and i'm clueless 🍋 https://t.co/nYr1klIYFE
RT @OmgFacts_life: Very Funny Moment.... See and RT https://t.co/iHynkDdeTZ
RT @saltinurchai: you dionne and i'm clueless 🍋 https://t.co/nYr1klIYFE
RT @fatherquad: @dixnnej happy bday dionne 💙
RT @Lovisthekey1: @GMB @_DionneWarwick So Sad Dionne had to be put into that situation Show more respect GMB She was there to talk ab… https://t.co/Hud9ZCgWnW
RT @Lovisthekey1: @GMB @_DionneWarwick Her private family life is just that. It was hurtful, Dionne doesn't speak about this subject… https://t.co/eis1yKWn2N
Dionne Warwick - Anyone Who Had A Heart https://t.co/gWdmiBDkI3 via @YouTube
Le Québec, terre promise des producteurs de cannabis médical https://t.co/7m1ENcvLI8
@dixnnej happy bday dionne 💙
on Creativeeagles Stream Take Good Care Of You And Me by Dionne Warwick https://t.co/acjzkD0ETl
I'm talking like Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston , Dionne Warwick , Stevie Wonder oldies 💙😍
Dionne Warwick - Out Of My Hands... on Diva Radio DISCO https://t.co/nA0yLnq1Rm #NOWPLAYING #DISCO #RADIO #MUSIC
E.J. Dionne Jr.: Kris Kobach and the struggles of column-writing https://t.co/3xy5N6D4vN via @CapTimes
RT @Fashionista_com: .@chloehall is totally buggin' for Dionne's style: https://t.co/r7YXjXP1qY https://t.co/jlfq78EyoK
RT @JaySoCvreless: "Sorry, Face ID does not recognize ya ugly ass" https://t.co/FHpT5bc2PO
you dionne and i'm clueless 🍋 https://t.co/nYr1klIYFE
RT @OhThatsFlexx: Girls are becoming heartless everyday because of you weak ass niggas
RT @lilyachty: I love Rihanna
RT @AndreaRussett: just because u knew me does not mean u know me.
RT @VivaLaNneoma: Idk why this generation glorifies cutting ppl off so much & then thinks they finna be in a marriage that lasts 60 yrs. you can't communicate
RT @KaylarWill: Y'all own jokes ever make y'all laugh? Cause I be having myself HOLLERING