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I decided to add back a rando who added me on snapchat thinking I'm Dina Lohan
Dina Lohan is a flop
@dinalohan I love yoou Dina. I love family Lohan.❤❤❤❤😀
RT @CherrDG: These Actors Are Completely Crazy In Real Life. Lindsay Lohan Has Chased And Threatened Her... https://t.co/RVDWad2N5b
when your squad is fire:Dina Lohan, Paula Abdul, Gabourey sidibe, Jodi Foster(from panic room not silence of the lambs)and Debra Takahara 🔥
I just have one thing to say...... Dina Lohan
I sorta hate tinashe but I know for s fact I hate Dina lohan
Lindsey Lohan has red hair. I have red hair. Lindsey Lohan's mom's name is Dina. My mom's name is Dina. Just call me Lindsey Lohan
Omg that quick shot of Dina Lohan at Kim K's wedding... you know that queen hopped the fence and crashed it. #icon
RT @Tanna_Renzi: Brand New Pics Prove Lindsey Lohan Is Hot Again https://t.co/S4kSWfMXZk
Dina Lohan Says Lindsay's Not Pregnant (TMZ TV) https://t.co/vfqDZd8gBc https://t.co/m2l7mSIVaA
Lindsay Lohan exige conocer a Vladimir Putin para ofrecer entrevista en Rusia https://t.co/Me3gRs8j5Z
RT @FarrahBrig: Lindsay Lohan Was Caught On A Beach Fighting With Her Fiance https://t.co/HgnZzHwilJ
Dina Lohan is great to binge drink with. I wish she still had her Carvel card membership for the binge eating part. https://t.co/xGvYHQjIIF