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@goal First Touch of Life and forever: Dimitar Berbatov
RT @FlowHamburg: Full house, great fun and learning at our joint #Portfolio Management with #Kanban Workshop with @Dimitar_HK at… https://t.co/60O2kNr6UH
RT ChaskaBorek Manchester United Dimitar Berbatov and Luis Nani https://t.co/tnq03I0lCa Old Trafford #mufc #mufc
¿Cuándo fue la última vez que visitaste un cenote? Checa nuestras recomendaciones en nuestro sitio web. Foto: Dim… https://t.co/8uhUqHmHKU
@shekeriev Thanks for setting up the booth @OSCALconf Dimitar and @openSUSE friends.
@__Dimitar______ Depuis l'année dernière...
RT ChaskaBorek CHICHARO has done really well and the future is ahead of him because he is still young. DIMITAR BERBATOV MUFC ManUtd
@flogazan Oui, poivrons trois couleurs / riz blanc / pois chiches.
J'ai pas suivi la polémique Bilal (et balek) mais j'ai vu sa prestation ... on avait pas vu aussi bien depuis une b… https://t.co/q9l3ea4SoJ
RT @mkdotnet: Dimitar Grozdanov presenting Securing #Azure services the right way #AzureSaturdayMK #AzureSaturday #mkdotnet https://t.co/9psJ8jnAA1
RT @gregtabibian: L’infâme de NICK CONRAD @jazzconrad vient de sortir son dernier morceau. Je vous ai mis les meilleures paroles just… https://t.co/xB1rrDDSEs
RT @theravehub_: DAX F**KING J 👑 @dgtlfestival Track ID : Dimitar Georgiev - Baium https://t.co/RiDwtagcpX
RT ChaskaBorek I'll continue to give my best to earn my place in the team, MANCHESTER UNITED. -- DIMITAR BERBATOV MUFC ManUtd
RT @MiguelDelaney: “I’m sure Ronaldinho didn’t think about doing that before, it was just the obvious solution for him in that moment.… https://t.co/7YSK9cvyvi
RT ChaskaBorek I have the good fortune to play for Manchester United. I do my best & win everything there is to win. -Dimitar Berbatov MUFC
Love that he has the same hairline as Dimitar Berbatov. #swe #Eurovision #eurobathies
RT @Bruno_Constant: Quand certains voient dans la saison de Guardiola un échec à cause de son élimination en Ligue des Champions (à 2 c… https://t.co/B4s8u6nGrF
RT @IHSGCA1961: And congrats to our John Brinkworth Scholarship nominees RJ @HEHS1Gymnastics, Dimitar @FHS_BGymnastics, Coley of Gl… https://t.co/8lcmcwl72M
@MWCP_Year2 Dimitar making and counting different amounts of money. https://t.co/eyPGOhxzVN