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Diggy Simmons was so fine to me when I was younger omg
@chrissyteigen Please just adopt me for the weekend so that I can enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. #niceCanadian #prettyplease
RT @haruaneki: @yossySaints39 いけ!Diggy-mo!めざめるパワーだ!メェィザメルパゥワソビェタッタッタゥワッゥww(ウェカピポ)
RT @shaunhenry8: @Heart1049FM @diggybongz #HouseSchool Diggy brother,it gets better&better every night,absolutely brilliant
May J. / Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', クレンチ&ブリスタ https://t.co/naOIIjbBen
RT @_DaVincii: I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Q4nboptmJB Diggy - My Girl ft. Trevor Jackson [Official Audio]
RT @dogcelebration: Diggy had a teeny tiny haircut today and had his head trimmed, followed by a wet walk #DogCelebration Have a great… https://t.co/D8as0c02Ph
Leyna vient de finir la quête DIALOGUES DE PLATON dans le jeu L'Aventure de Diggy! https://t.co/IVx6RLoEgz
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/KNNY7EqVYH Mindless Behavior - Mrs. Right ft. Diggy Simmons
すごいい ほんとにすごいいい Sickは名曲、ほんとに名曲 ぱきーーん、からの、これまで聴いたことのない優しいDiggyのサビ めっちゃつらい…… ピアノも綺麗だし、ベースのストリート系サウンドがあああもう語彙ないわからんけどすごい好き
I want a "thankful" paragraph lol but only if its actually sincere 😭😂
RT @pankooks: me: only deep and meaningful lyrics get to me namjoon: dung dung diggy dung dung me: https://t.co/KSY4yZuKJa
Diggy Simmons & Raekwon - The 2nd Coming [Freestyle - Official video] https://t.co/uyDt7EHnjr via @YouTube
Happy thanksgiving 🍽🦃🍁