RT @joerogan: Shaq Says He Was Kidding About The Flat Earth Thing, But That He Does Believe In Bigfoot https://t.co/d2Nw2JsrV9 via @digg
Need to come thru with that come thru you fuckin digg
RT @_SLEAZYEZ: PB&J, ngga gon pullup at #LNO jus like this u digg.. Make sure ya'll cop ticcets now tho, before u miss out. 😘 https://t.co/qWvcQHSODL
Indian Comic Blames Donald Trump On All His 'Uncool Cousins With Inflated Egos' Returning To India https://t.co/Vn34TulMGC via @digg
RT @kathyfgibson: "Indian Comic Blames Donald Trump For All His 'Uncool Cousins With Inflated Egos' Returning To India" https://t.co/jdoOCLt3g7 via @Digg
11:11; Say ya prayers. Ya digg?! 🙏🏾
@joerogan @digg The amount of people that guaranteed me that he was serious about this was worrying. I thought it was obvious he was joking.
#SNTEnoticias Respalda #SNTE programa #EducacionSinFronteras de apoyo a connacionales repatriados de Estados Unidos https://t.co/N3fqxbY7aj
"Inside The Midwest Wildfires That Burned Cattle Alive" via @digg https://t.co/KkJA1fNWU7
@digg https://t.co/hk8XLkUQYZ Kejutan Sang suami Untuk Krisdayanti Di Hari Ulang Tahunya
@joerogan @digg Now that he's being reasonable again (bigfoot is obv real) #ImWithShaq. @BrittMChill
@joerogan @digg Lmao... He was for real until someone showed him a pic 😂😂😂😂