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@F365 different strokes and all that but I think it's a year when it's plausible that neither was the best
RT @CArnold_GI: @Chucktowndoc i'm an SSA-er too. to make sure they are managed / looked after. but different strokes for different folks #pathjc
@PkKhoza i'm not oppressed as a black in South Africa so it worked for me, probably won't work 4 u but different strokes for different folks
@abpnewstv Typical Double speak on display.Different strokes for Political Folks.ThoseBJP attendees have mocked NAMo's demonetization drive.
@KennaCrane @thisisKANDY ill be the judge of that lol. different strokes for different folks :)
@KuuTenko @CrimsonRynnec Well, different strokes. I sometimes watch things not to my taste because I have to report on them etc
@Lungisa35 @Ms_Onesimo hence I said inabantu bayo. Different strokes and all that.
@ThomasSanders For me, I'm using my anger as fuel to drive me to change things. To make the world a better place! :D Different strokes!
RT @techsee_me: Different strokes? #CCTR big data analytics are changing the game of #techsupport https://t.co/CdBaCMuiry #callcenter #customerservice
@PaballoMabaso personally see nothing wrong with it but like I said different strokes.
@TboseBestT let's not forget... Its different "strokes" for different guys! #HowToTeaseAMan!!!
Different strokes mess up my fur...make sure they're nice n even #CatTV @midnight
Different Strokes (are not appreciated, inconsistent petting weirds me out yo) #CatTV @midnight
@dogwitch_ Different Strokes... Also good ✊🏻
@garexbear - Different strokes, man. Enjoy your TV.
@floydmunetsi but different strokes for different folks thooough 😂
"Different Strokes" - (Freebie!) @midnight #CatTV
Different strokes for different files I say... https://t.co/YbimXj5Xts
@FrydaWolff I'm going to guess, "for that authentic feel" and/or "for the visual appeal". Eh, different strokes...
There is no rule. Depends on what a person believes in. Just as some men believe women should be submissive to them… https://t.co/hrTl2BMdQn