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@correaa_vitor aí didi obg mas eu nem sei se vou conseguir passar amanhã
Defensively at SS Didi is better. Offensively, Machado is a much more complete hitter. If the #Yankees are letting… https://t.co/0E5gvjjOI2
RT @goodgluke: o ashton é o didi da australia https://t.co/fFgNZFcUQL
RT @woxihuanDIYue: Yes, shen yue, where is your elbow going? Gonna rest it on didi's lap? 😂🤣 Okay, don't be shy. 😏 #DiYue #DyShen https://t.co/vA7qaiYsA9
@CooperRage I mean I’ve seen the letters before I just never asked and I finally did 😂
RT @Camila_Garcia_B: Cuando tienes a Dios en tu corazón, TODO te empieza a salir bien. Créanme!
Jab didi ghr m ese Gand dekhaye toh Lund toh tight hoga hi https://t.co/jKP9d3dL0E
@Didi_pickles_ Sigh. Just go on 4chan for like 5 minutes.
@TheBrooklynLife This is true wit a lot of guys, but the team is so right-handed they need a lefty bad, especially with Didi out.
@gynec Right very nice think didi ji 👍
RT @StevePopper: Add Didi Gregorius to the list of folks getting a bigger ovation than the Knicks tonight at MSG.
@S4G4Z @donndiego nós te amamos didi 🙏🏻😭😭
¡Tu primer viaje GRATIS con DiDi! Descarga la app ahora, ingresa mi código MX749D27 y recibe 1 viaje gratis (max MX… https://t.co/Ym52QGaZIS
@cherubmono didi......add me back to ghoulcunts btw, i got suspende d
@CooperRage No 😂😂😂 I really didn’t
And I’m talking about the player Didi has become. He very well could be a 30 homer a year guy and he plays great de… https://t.co/sVWLUHJy1s
@Roxi_Didi @TheKalenAllen @lauraaasays @ngb_lilbreezy Btw all of that is public info listed on Google so deleting it does nothing
@SrBachchan Pranaam guru ji pranaam guru ji pranaam guru ji Jaya Didi ji ko bhe pranaam ji
#NowPlaying En ce moment sur ta radio XIV Didi B - Ousmane Dramera Tout le rap est sur XIV #xivfm #xivofficiel https://t.co/P43gwcVH1R
@Christian_NYYST Serious question here and it’s going to have a lot of speculation involved, but I want your opinio… https://t.co/TFRmHpalog