Hello Good Morning Ringtone

Ayer me fui a ver esto con mi vecino @BertOff y 😮😱😭🍆🍆😍 https://t.co/SqeHFPfI8v
RT @notkdot: Happy birthday Diddy T'up @_ImJustNunu
Happy birthday Diddy T'up @_ImJustNunu
Great night run with @sirstevenearl
@desstinydenae are you okay ☹️️💞
G. Dep - "Let's Get It" (Feat. P. Diddy & Black Rob) https://t.co/aiUqzQqXc2
@NIGE_033 😂😂😂 Diddy lifestyle oh wow
@Mark_quoted some Zim business tycoon who lives that Diddy 10 years back lifestyle
These niggas cuff every bitch they hit 😔
RT @JalynAyana: 119. I Need A Girl Pt.1 - P.Diddy ft. Usher and Loon https://t.co/21XdN4PNFt
@Aarvark2pt0 Could you give brief explanations on why Olimar, Link, Zelda, & Diddy?
RT @YungMax_: Tell Stunna get the yacht ready! Tell Diddy I'm Ciroc ready!!!
RT @LeanandCuisine: Diddy with the dance moves 😂 https://t.co/HcAVxxh5gy
going to be running a different nle route tomorrow. turning in diddy blueprints in factory for tiny 5dc and ice shield gb
Didn’t get to Diddy Riese but next time I’m there
@hollyyyeager @alfonso4ab diddy I'll put the chinchilla meme
RT @_YurKryptonite: @Subtle_Charisma take Mary J and this diddy bop and gone 😂
Fuck the bedroom... point me to the kitchen! ... Tell Diddy this 1 is on #TheAList ... #ThinkAList #Ciroc... https://t.co/UajbgWBMRs
P. Diddy in Diet Pepsi Truck commercial https://t.co/M9IHC5Lycx
@Subtle_Charisma take Mary J and this diddy bop and gone 😂
How could you be hurt bout loosing a bitch that ain't have shit🤔
RT @obsesseddjacks: This is my friend @Po_Diddy scaring his little niece! So funny! Miss you 😂 (Vine by @lelepons) https://t.co/WWJK1SslgF
#NowPlaying Diddy - Dirty Money & Skylar Grey - Coming Home - https://t.co/Ec3axIIoDd
E-40 once gave P. Diddy money before the Bad Boys Era even started