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4:16am Once you've been bitten by the music bug, your sleep patterns will be altered for life & for the better. How shots did kobe practice?
Kobe was criticized all the time, and all he did was take it out on the court. LeBron needs to do the same & stop whining all the time. #NBA
@mikekorz I watched Kobe play more minutes in his 17th season and not complain once. He did pop his Achilles though.
Did Jordan ever do that? Did Kobe? Especially after a season where you have almost the same roster that just won the ship? Don't think so
@HLTCO did we finalise a deal for Kobe?
@M__Salazar2112 Kobe plyed with shaq fisher ron artest gasol. Good ass plyer right there. Jordan couldn't beat superteams like LeBron did
@jasonrmcintyre Of course you did. Everyone is tired of his diva act. Hes coming undone. He will lose never win aga… https://t.co/bOmr3KBkul
When did Kobe Bean Bryant get braids? https://t.co/GpUgxV5wsw
why did kobe retire 😞
@KingJames The NBA built you like they did Kobe as if yall were better than Mike to get that revenue back they lost when the greatest left
I did not go to business school. You know who else didn't go to business school? LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant
Bron Got bout two more years left in him he ain't Gone Be able to Go 20 years like Kobe Did
RT @Phucky0pictures: @AllForTheSpurs @Dannny2Tone so if Shaq did Lebron had wade , bosh , kyrie , love & ray Allen & you say he better than Kobe tho 🤔
@AllForTheSpurs @Dannny2Tone so if Shaq did Lebron had wade , bosh , kyrie , love & ray Allen & you say he better than Kobe tho 🤔
@elwaythegr8 did Kobe talk about getting help & even threatened to force a trade out of town if things didn't improve
LeBron did it so he'd have more rings than Kobe and Jordan. https://t.co/qFzdSKB9iS
@TahaRizviMD when shaq left please tell me what kobe did. I think he didnt make the playoffs at all till gasol came
@JetSetter_321 @Lightning__33 @TheJacobLewis ... Kobe did wa he WON with the ball in his hand not the 2nd best players hand 💯🤷🏾‍♂️
Charles Barkley's comments weren't even that bad, idk why Lebron would react the way he did. Kobe never let this kinda stuff get in his head
@Moj_kobe I haven't been following you for long. Where did you live in ME?
If and when Brady wins the super bowl this year can you make another song like you did for Kobe and LEBRON ? Please ?? @LilTunechi
When did someone not named Kobe come into all this? https://t.co/8kYVsfpbqi
@Xo__Michael then they wouldn't be as great as they are & Bron might get 4 but it's only be he wants everybody. Kobe never did that.
@ixta1985 CP3! Lol, really! Kobe's rings are earned lebron just wants them handed! He just did it for me now I fucking despise him!