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@yunggcel Did you not see Gary without his shell he got cakes hell ya I took him
A Pokémon that we've never seen before did this. It had powers that I've never encountered in my life.
RT @youngshane: @BraddJaffy @maddow @realDonaldTrump Did @SenSchumer just insinuate the Intelligence Community would purposely undermine @POTUS later...?
Did you know gary demers doesn't care about his own family his excuse is he doesn't know them and never cared to talk to them
How long did they sit on the HB Gary emails @TheHackerWars? @CIA
@enchantedhoes @gary_indiana @lenadunham oh shit!! Did I just assume your gender?
@MikeElgan @realDonaldTrump what did you know about russian dictator? Mike Khodorkovsky or Gary Kasparov tells to you? Come to Russia & look
@yrag12osu Hey Gary! Did you try to reboot your system? Can you provide your account number? Let us know! ^MilS
@Ant_Fiorentine u see highlights from what he did tonight vs the nuggets... No 7footer should be able to do that
@kanbapremiumdfs @Sparcasaurus since when did you have VIP lineups?
Gary... you did your job, admirably. God bless you
@honeymanclarke1 @YourselfSuit @Gary_Orsum Did you read the comments section? The author got schooled
@Zedoimi did i mention that jerry is voiced by gary chalk- who also voiced eggman in sonic underground and grounder… https://t.co/9AzbZgQXsz
RT @ConradKaz: Lmaooooooooo did you black out the last 8 years? https://t.co/LRFuR94brx
@manraysky Oh really. Did you send it priority? Other side of the country? When was it last scanned?
@Gary_TheDog good dog Gary,you did great! 😀
@NYDNSports @NYDailyNews @OBJ_3 @Giants @garymyersNYDN Gary what did you do on your day off? Never mind it's nobod… https://t.co/XOXYHqp6V3
@danmal449 did you look up sternly with a raised eyebrow and place your "don't bother me, I'm reading" sign on the table?
RT @Lrihendry: Here's to hoping your Russian hacking investigation goes as well as your recount did! Cheers! 🍷#RussiaHacking #Recount2016
RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: Mom: "WHAT DID I TELL YOU TO DO?!" Me: *tryna figure out what she told me* https://t.co/j8s3Arghiq
@Cellmate which Gary did you buy ? Daiya?
The real question Gary is.,,why did you ever start? https://t.co/lA8TUNN8oj