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RT @nicky_skinz: Here is the sign that made him so mad! https://t.co/AxzlQF8OOI
Seems Sen. Foreman has forgotten who his constituents are. What is he afraid of? https://t.co/Xg4vPchIRL
Esta maravilla de los Melvins... https://t.co/LEq9NzS2ZN
RT @voteadambell: Marie Biggs and Dian Engelman for JP2 are the best! Thank you for locking down @Princeton_Texas @Texas_Princeton fo… https://t.co/eSLMPBSzHP
¡Mi amor de mi vida! 😍🤗✨❤️ https://t.co/O49TEUN2q6
RT @thehill: Psychiatrist who briefed lawmakers: I'm reporting Trump as a "dangerous" leader https://t.co/ZQpRJ9lmRH https://t.co/QZbceSwlw0
RT @MatthewWolfff: 🚨13,000 gun deaths every year. 🚨96 every day, 7 of those children. 🚨345 mass shootings in 2017 alone. If we we… https://t.co/vGkp5WG3ZO
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Devin Nunes A Candidate His Candidate Website A Trojan Horse The Story of how Devin Nunes and o… https://t.co/2883bcgwCP
RT @RedTRaccoon: Here’s What It’s Like At The Headquarters Of The Teens Working To Stop Mass Shootings https://t.co/jnQr3g5P0E https://t.co/qCZqYMRzhB
This is you @hernandez_dian always being a little girl about it 🤧 https://t.co/DUNUhBnr43
RT @jessphoenix2018: Did people you know lose their lives at 14 & 15 years old because our country's love affair with guns is stronger t… https://t.co/wc5kpVvPku
RT @Guinz: @BillOReilly Another question is why don’t you STFU about anything related to victims of preventable violence you s… https://t.co/9nMDOTzGQ4
RT @JeffBfish: @BillOReilly The big question is: Does the opinion of an old racist sexual predator matter? The big answer is: NO #FuckOffBill
RT @cmclymer: Folks in western Houston, Texas: you have an incredible opportunity to elect a phenomenal leader to Congress. Today… https://t.co/WErqCYlEQx
RT @GregGuillotin: [Caméra cachée] Le père d'Annabelle : Le retour ! 😱😰 Partie 1 https://t.co/kgmRCcmvcc
@AmazingRaceCBS I want #teambigbrother! But I'm pretty sure they don't beat Teamextreme or TeamYale
RT @pnouma21: Mac oncesi ruh halim 😂😂 https://t.co/pZ0Q8cprye
Marie Biggs and Dian Engelman for JP2 are the best! Thank you for locking down @Princeton_Texas @Texas_Princeton fo… https://t.co/eSLMPBSzHP
@Dian_ANolvar @NetflixLAT 😱😍🙊❤️❤️❤️ Una razón mas por las que eres mi amiga, no conocía a nadie de la escuela que le gustara :')
Televisa quiere robarse la audiencia de ‘Exatlón’, ¡con la copia ‘Reto 4 Elementos’ https://t.co/Plwe5kDWQR
Estos son los verdaderos motivos de la separación de Itatí Cantoral… ¡Se hartaron! https://t.co/AoibyEhYkK
@fares_albashiri للاسف هذا الواقع في كل مكان مش السعوديه فقط💔😡
나는술쳐마시고와도 하는소리저거밖에없을거야 아인님을사랑안하면누굴사랑한담
RT @BangBangtan_Esp: [Trad Tweet] Miren lo que encontré... #RM 📷: Para RM Disfrútalo! Jorja. #iHeartAwards #BestBoyBand #BTS… https://t.co/km2O6lY8em