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RT @tparti: Reporters in the room yelling "not true, Sarah" as she starts to say that NDA's were the norm in previous administrations
RT @OMGno2trump: Weapons trafficking and the NRA? This is potentially a very interesting development. Watch this story as it devel… https://t.co/bjDWWWZWi3
RT @JoeCunninghamSC: You guys are incredible. We’ve raised $2,500 in the last hour, all with contributions of $100 or less. Let’s show… https://t.co/KoQu0gHGOH
RT @OfficialJonZal: @PressSec No worries, Sarah. There are plenty of other things for which you owe the American people an apology.
RT @euphoni: 政治研究部名乗ってて中核派と日本共産党の区別できないの流石に草が生える https://t.co/kQekaqWdEh
@chzhfjrzl 아 맞아요 ㅋㅋ굳이 내돈주거 딴거 사서 같으먹는경우는 별로 없죠ㅋ
RT @INTRAPlERNOSO: —Estás muy viejo para este depor... https://t.co/iV8GiSgDci
@Evan_McMullin @dian_simplethin How do we know the votes are accurate?
RT @vermontgmg: Vermont tonight appears to have chosen the nation's first transgender gubernatorial nominee: @christineforvt. And t… https://t.co/freXc6sza4
RT @sjredmond: #StupidQuestionsForZombies Why are you all capable of understanding what Rudy Giuliani says?
RT @CharlesMBlow: So, you want me to defend Omarosa from Trump's misogyny when she wouldn't defended Judge Curiel from Trump's racis… https://t.co/jqlzJHdgUx
@donandono Silahkan Bpk Donandono infokan ketika menghubungi HaloBCA 1500888 sudah sempat diberikan no pelaporan? J… https://t.co/7cYiw6OIyP
@dianchrnnsa Hai kak Dian, mohon maaf atas late respon kami. Sila infokan kendala dan nomor pelanggan (CID) melalui… https://t.co/bh5T2U1qAv
RT @ITMFA_NOW: @dian_simplethin My cousin was still struggling immensely to deal with the first daughter.. I can’t imagine her pai… https://t.co/hQOx1bLnRn
@nazwanpanjang Kahkahkah sbb dian persoalkan kau ... perangai x selayaknya umo 😆
RT @lNDOMY: [🔔] Comeback Trailer Love Yourself Answer #Epiphany telah mencapai 20M views di Youtube! 🎉 Yuk kita rayakan dengan… https://t.co/fjpYgrlL82
@chzhfjrzl 맞아요 맞아요 그래서 저도 코카콜라를 더 좋아했는데 최근에 펩시로 개종(?)했어요ㅋ
@Dian_0_ 후단시 귀도 귀여워,,,,,안귀여운데가업서요
RT @AryaResists: We all make mistakes and/or change our minds when we have more experience, gain new information. We *have* to allo… https://t.co/OthYJko0HM
@donandono Mhn kesediaan Bpk/Ibu menunggu, kami akan merespon mention Bpk/Ibu kembali. Tks :) ^dian
RT @Evan_McMullin: Kris Kobach’s narrow GOP nomination in Kansas shows that while there are still Republicans of conscience, the party… https://t.co/QF4ICITlth
#LoQueMasMeDaCulilloEs recibir una notificación de la DIAN
RT @ChumelTorres: Pinche día largo, ando tan jodido que en cualquier momento aparece un influencer a darme un Hershey’s.
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