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Cavaliers Leading Scorers: Shivam Patel 14 Dhruv Shah 8
@iuubob I can understand why as this run has defied logic - but mkts can stay irrational....yada yada
Whoever created the one shot one kill mission for cod4 is a bastard
@AnimalPlizanet @jhg700 when you're drunk wtb and someone puts on the fuego
@dhruv_ky probably although have read 4 accounts of a short fund crashing recently
@iuubob what's the point - gonna be done 3-4 overnight and end next day +10
RT @Rekhta: Dhruv Sangari will join us in a few minutes with melodious qawwali carrying the message of love & peace at… https://t.co/w0LMetu02x
Tandoori masala chicken. Thanks to my friends Dhruv and Shakil for the recipe https://t.co/Fe1nsbZVa2
@narendramodi your adopted son plus Terrorist Dhruv Saxena ke baare Mein Bhi kabhi Bhonk.
RT @aravind_g369: Happy birthday to my brother dhruv. Have a good one man. https://t.co/TXYFBVepA3
Happy birthday to my brother dhruv. Have a good one man. https://t.co/TXYFBVepA3
RT @mtobey: "Anybody here named Jeff?" Jeff: "Yes" Geoff: "Yeos"
RT @hyperthot: Do you think Icelandic dogs say björk instead of bark
@DhruvMadhok Hey Dhruv, just curious if this awesome Kiwi company might be another strong digital alliance for PVR?… https://t.co/IS77N0hwN2
RT @CuenteroMuisne: Imaginen que les dan a escoger entre viajar en un avión Boeing o en un helicóptero Dhruv averiado. Bueno, esa es la elección de mañana.
manik is so sad without dhruv that he is now solving puzzles which is so out of character https://t.co/5wtobklXXM
RT @samswey: The idea that Trump voters need to be anything other than held accountable for their actions is ridiculous. https://t.co/QDAVQfXtXQ
jesus christ can someone put some sense in dhruv, manik did so much for him lakin yeh sahab ji to sunnay kay liye tyar hi nahi
All weather Helicopter : Dhruv of HAL: https://t.co/3mm154SvgG via @YouTube