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RT @yahatek: I'm just tryna treasure somebody and get the same in return
RT @whitewhoadie: i know some yall woke and u wish u could change shit
RT @quietcha0s_: thas yo main hoe, thas my "wya" hoe
RT @noname: A month ago today I released my debut project #Telefone and tomorrow I'm opening for Lauryn Hill! Life is so crazy 😊 https://t.co/ttZ46stRuz
RT @justooo18: I'm Officially Committed To The University Of Louisville πŸ”΄βš«οΈβšͺ️ #L14C #BirdGang17 https://t.co/eh3NORnuAz
RT @RelThePhotoMan: Only in Atlanta can you be pushing 85miles an hour and cars still casually passing you like you in the way
RT @reIatabIe: Team USA had the most lit Olympic entrance of all time https://t.co/7FNwo2tGgL
RT @KentMurphy: 49ers fans burning Kaepernick's jersey to the National Anthem πŸ’€ https://t.co/VPXLMeBddl
Horry, Shaq, eldin, Eddie and dfish. W/ @kobebryant, fox, van exel, Blount off the bench. '98 lakers had some talent, just no coach.
RT @CBSSportsCFB: One sweet gesture by FSU's Travis Rudolph makes mom of an autistic boy cry https://t.co/wntT2kA3GR https://t.co/GcBqd7EOtZ
RT @SectionGoals: Northwest High School Cedar Hill, MO https://t.co/RKujvfcZLD
@DonteeaDye head up high bro! You know we got your back!
RT @1993ParkAve: 1993 Park Ave is a year and an address. it's a time and place where the sounds live.
@breeforshort_ does my error take away from the meaning any ?
RT @worldofbrown: bitch i ain't good bitch i'm crafty
RT @OnlyShaah_: Monday thru Sunday I was really hungry