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RT @JoeFreedomLove: Nunes: It’s ‘Pretty Common’ for Us To Go the W.H. ‘at least Once a Week’ to Read Classified Intel :: Grabien -
RT @funder: NEW: House Ethics Complaint filed on Rep Devin Nunes for obstruction of justice & leaking classified info…
RT @frankrichny: No one imagined that there would be multiple Manchurian Candidates. #Nunes
RT @KeithOlbermann: NEW VIDEO: As we can infer Flynn (or others) might seek a deal and Nunes panics, feel free to call it TREASON now
Nunes to CNN: i could be a ninja CNN: No Nunes: "smoke bomb!" CNN: "you cant just scream smoke bomb we can see you."
RT @ifuaskmee: Michael Flynn met with Turkey at Donald Trump’s hotel. Guess who else attended? Devin Nunes. #LastWord
RT @ifuaskmee: Michael Flynn met with Turkey at Donald Trump’s hotel. Guess who else attended? Devin Nunes. #LastWord
RT @JohnJHarwood: Nunes to CNN: "if I wanted to, I could have snuck onto WH grounds at night when nobody would have seen me"
RT @chaugh58: @RobertCKeating @funder @SpeakerRyan @DevinNunes No, he stands BEHIND Nunes, because Nunes is his shield. Remove Nunes, Ryan is exposed.
RT @AndreaChalupa: Please RT! Call Ryan: demand Devin Nunes b removed from #RussiaGate investigation for protecting WH #NunesMustResign
RT @KeithOlbermann: NEW VIDEO: You can use the term TREASON now - Nunes panics over Trump, and we can infer Flynn could seek a deal.
RT @MarcusC22973194: BREAKING: Senate Democratic Leader Schumer calls for removal of Nunes as chairman of House Intelligence Committee
RT @FionaAdorno: How long til the Men in the White Coats Arrive at the Oval? Long Overdue! This man is UNHINGED. #Trumprussia Rep. D…
Remove Rep. Devin Nunes from the House Intelligence Committee @MoveOn
Nunes is on crack if he thinks he did right. Acted like a lap dog to a Russian lap dog.
RT @kylegriffin1: Schiff makes it official—calls on Nunes to recuse himself 👇
RT @politico: Warner: Nunes’ meeting on White House grounds 'more than suspicious'
RT @Verbatim411: @CNN @DevinNunes Nunes is covering, cannot be trusted and needs to step down; everyone concerned about Natl Security call congress, senate
RT @20committee: Ryan's sealed his political fate by backing Nunes at this critical juncture. Really, he was a dead man walking after AHCA debacle anyway.
@SpeakerRyan -Devin Nunes HAS to go now, not a week from today..NOW, or the crap will spill over to YOU!! This idio…
RT @speechboy71: My reaction to Devin Nunes ever-changing explanations
RT @TwitterMoments: Nunes faced criticism for relying on intelligence sources in his statement as GOP leaders decry internal leaks.
RT @davidaxelrod: Slight correction: Nunes went to WH on Tue and Wed, not Wed & Thur. Doesn't change the basic scenario, which raise…