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Keep it 100 Girl Podcast Tweetable. Intro-DEUCES Listen: #romance #newbeginnings
@_hefner6 you act like somebody posta care you chunking up the deuces! Chris brown ass nigga.
RT @pet_princess: Definitely Away Until Further Notice, hmu on other platforms, otherwise deuces
RT @CNN: The giant sinkhole that was hastily repaired in Japan earlier this month, is sinking again
RT @letslovejay: Mum, Beth wants to know why you said " put it on my head" when she asked where to put the pot
RT @VivaLaNneoma: She's clearly dating a Nigerian lmao
Deuces 😇😴💤
@TobiWilliams lmao let's RT you damn it
#FACTS!!! So real for me right now after somebody I cared for stabbed me in the back recently... Im good though 😊…
RT @Palesa_Moloto: "Deuces" ka Chris Brown still bangs.