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destroya just came on shuffle its fucking lit
destroya de my chemical romance bueno hasta luego me mato yo ya
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things to normalise - destroya-phan: atribecalledkwes: zorrabelle: alkjira: wylaneck: - gay parents -...
" I think we should be on vacation all the time. We look so great when we are on vacation." #stuffmygirlfriendhaileysays
@Michael5SOS cover Destroya by MCR pls, thx.
RT @MensHumor: me: *zoning out* someone: are you okay? me: yeah im just tired my brain:
RT @vanessamurphy: When you fall in the club n ur pal tries to help u up
RT @explicandomcr: Destroya Tem uns gemidos que todo mundo lembra frerard Bsicamente resumida em: DESTROYaaaaaAAAAAa DESTROYAAAAAAAAaa AH AH AH AH UH UH UH
RT @mineifiwildout: who is piss ass n why does obama follow him
RT @RetweetURGC_: Destroya GC - must stan MCR - treat others the way you want to be treated - keep it lit RT if you cry everytime
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