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RT @fakeshoredrive: Kanye with braids, braces and a scooter, freestyling on 95th in the year 2000. Best thing online right now. (via…
@Desmond_Funk they should given how much they've outspent them and how much better a squad they have
#Copeland Tory chair says#Labour have run campaign "in the gutter" & "of scaremongering" on the #NHS.. Yet another Tory denial of #NHSCrisis
@Desmond_Funk they played very well, were the better team, Alli's recklessness cost them
5 of 5 stars to The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris
“Please, Lord, help me get one more.” ―Desmond Doss, Hacksaw Ridge Mel Gibson
You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. - Desmond Tutu
@DavidD1886 I thought that myself earlier.
RT @DublinDiocese: The death has been announced of Cardinal Desmond Connell who passed away in the early hours of this morning. May he Rest In Peace.
#NowPlaying #RocknRoll Radio Desmond Dekker - The Israelites - TuneIn
TIENEN QUE leer "El mono desnudo" de Desmond Morris.
RT @newsworthy_ie: Desmond Connell saw himself as a victim: "I have suffered greatly from the whole question" If it wasn't for those…
@NorthShoreNine damn. Not feeling Desmond? Abreu has regressed every yr but solid. Santana one good yr since when?
s Get Away From It A / The Paul Desmond Quintet / 2017-02-24 08:12:12 / FM79.7 KyotoSanjyo RadioCafe live on air at
RT @tmorello: Unreal. Police State here we are. DOMESTIC FLIGHT!! No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!
Next stop on Ian Desmond's journey is first base for the Rockies #Diamondbacks #MLB
RT @ebubekiryaman: Luxembourg Gardens❤️ by Desmond Charles
@NorthShoreNine if you do obp it's even better. Also like Desmond when eligible. Speed and power at Coors Field. Sign me up
RT @passionfuI: In a relationship you don't keep secrets from each other. You're in a relationship to grow closer together, not hide things and ruin trust.
RT @jratcliffephoto: Housing around the world is becoming unaffordable - Frightening stories from the US @just_shelter
this lil girl maddi knocked on my door askin for my cousin desmond to see if they can ride his scooter together around the park. how cute
'Deadly Desires' by Karolyn Huddleston (@KatoKato120) 🔥
@Desmond_Mary @summitlive @GijsVWinkelhof I'm giving a talk in 40 minutes "How to Make 6 Figures from Your Community" @ 3.30pm @ Bowl Room