I actually forgot how cute my senior pics were lol
RT @kwonyuribar: 【KYRB】2017.03.11 Pantene Hongkong fanmeeting 6 pics ②❤️ #yuri #유리 download⬇️
Guess I had a good day tho, I ate w my friends n shopped n took pics
@Morgggg_ love all these pics!! Don't know what I would do without you❤️ (Also that bathing suit makes my boobs look good lol!)
RT @__loveashley: Y'all gon break up in college and be mad as hell all ya senior pics were taken together smh
RT @Meeting_aJERNed: Going thru old pics and came up on this situation where I thought I made a friend but she only wanted to fight me 😐
RT @AkshayKWorld: Pics: @akshaykumar sir along with #NaamShabana team at Gargi Women's college, Delhi
Found a Transponder Snail! Candid pics from the Alubarna Palace Baths! #TreCru
RT @hoseozk: these will always be the cutest pics on the internet
Nothing personal bc I love seeing pics of you but I'd raaaaather see pics of your dog :)))))))))
RT @gayasscox: Add me to snapchat and send me hot pics like these to post to my twitter :)
RT @smi_2tri: 全然間に合わなかった
if i was dating my crush i would honestly just wanna hold his hand or hug him and look at him admiringly (also snap funny pics of him)
RT @shmesm: omfg these pics from got7's fansign yesterday lol
RT @mayancalenderr: fuzzy pics of me being fuzzy in the morning
RT @DreDash_: My mother not wasting my Senior pics on my "little friend girl" 😂