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RT @ami9S1: Don't let your struggle become your identity...
@ritom_mars マジ尊敬ですぜ姉貴...! (ゆo*。_。)o
A case study of the methodolgy that facilitates the translation from data to design #UX
5 UX Design Trend Prediction in 2016
CARTE DA GIOCO BICYCLE EXPERT BACK. MADE IN USA Gioca il tuo prossimo passo con il design storico Expert Torna...
この季節多い、抜け毛の原因ついて書いて みました! チェケラー! 西川...
Our delegates are working to establish their design aspirations for the site, before drawing their concept diagram
@HarmfulOpinions @Sargon_of_Akkad It has actual graphic design merit behind it and isn't in some faux-military text so I'm gonna assume SJW
@pinkvilla RIP Journalism in india... Atleast respect woman...Katrina has her own identity ....sick article
RT @Dezeen: Job of the week on @DezeenJobs is for a junior design architect at Büro Ole Scheeren:
@katylou0210 @LondonMidland apparently you can from Northampton.
I admire those who strive to carve their own identity apart from their talent
Love the Barcelona Chairs in this half historic and half modern Phoenix home #architecture #design
@42coop little sexual identity management needed, although one might consider it not necessary information to replicate everywhere :)