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RT @Snr_BoatsNHoes: R.I.P Derrion Albert
R.I.P Derrion Albert
This for Derrion Albert, for Trayvon Martin and for Rodney Kyles jr. and all my brothers in a coffin
Chief @CICS_schools reminds #cpsboard that CPS asked for Larry Hawkins campus in Altgeld Gardens in wake of Derrion Albert's murder.
Mike Bower of @CICS_schools testifying. Recaps history: CPS asked CICS to open Hawkins in wake of Derrion Albert. #cpsboard
CICS-Hawkins opened in 2010, in wake of beating death of Derrion Albert, which happened when CPS rerouted Altgeld kids to Fenger, 4 mi away.