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@AHume92 @keithlaw @EverymanNY check out Early Bird Espresso as well!
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Watched CI channel earlier. Story of Derrick Bird, killed 12, he shot his Rangers supporting friend Terry Kennedy's arm off also đŸ˜¦đŸ˜¦
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Last photo, again from Derrick Tuskan, of a first set block by Lauren Smith & Jess Bird.
Retweeted Derrick Goold (@dgoold): New at Bird Land. Sources: Heyward chooses Cubs over Cardinals: Cardinals...
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Listen to episode 2 of "Uncaging the Bird" with special guests Cade Brownlee and Derrick Hobbs!! Listen here:
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@timstermatic @RickyAndrews83 @realDonaldTrump Cumbria shootings 2010? A killing spree/murder–suicide by Derrick Bird.
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@bentleycoon There's literally a guy the media called the "black cab rapist", Derrick Bird drove a taxi too. There are plenty of others.