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RT @Chris_Hanna: There is a 100-per-cent chance I will love your movie if, at some point, Dermot Mulroney attends a dysfunctional fa…
@lauriewhitwell @MailSport the whole world except Dermot Gallagher, the FA review panel, sky pundits and many neutrals Consistency please
Pictured at our recent Annual General Meeting were (L-R) Billy Galvin, Board Oversight Committee, Dermot Long,...
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from our KFA family to yours. Thanks for finding this video Dermot!
RT @Bearded_Guy: @brexit4life @LaceyDermot @barc1985 @georgegalloway it's the Labour name that saved Dermot, if he were an independent he would be finished
@Bearded_Guy @LaceyDermot @georgegalloway Dermot actually delivers social housing for his community. One of the hardest working cllrs
@georgegalloway all he was doing was protesting the austerity imposed on the irish by Dermot's party absolute farce while in govt
@brexit4life @LaceyDermot @barc1985 @georgegalloway it's the Labour name that saved Dermot, if he were an independent he would be finished
@georgegalloway "Dermot Lacey... received €85,755 for sitting on four public bodies in 2012 and 2013" Irish Independent 06/05/14 @sjscgp
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RT @ChristineBohan: George Galloway and Dermot Lacey having a scrap on Twitter is inexplicably hilarious:
@aoifefleming_ I don't love u. Cheeky bitch
Got the Rising Star badge on my way to 5K! 30 Min Workout.#Fitness22@MickeyGorbal @Dermot_33
@sanepolitico @LaceyDermot @georgegalloway in Dermot's defence how can u possibly say he failed when no one knows what he does (sarcasm)
RT @MakeAWish_ie: @dlooney thanks Dermot! A very happy Christmas to you :)
@tomfromireland @NiallSF He's in a little spat with Dermot Lacey at the moment 😉
@nataliesawyer Happy Xmas Natalie from the Harte's in Ireland 🍻🍺🍻🍺
@DermotRSPCA Dermot, why are your inspectors consistently refusing to do anything about the horses tethered in Papermill Lane in Ipswich.
@SportsJOEdotie no Dermot Earley or Johnny Doyle, must have bee compiled by a squirrel eater
@AP_McCoy Happy Xmas AP and family from the Harte's in Offaly 🍻🐴🍻🐴
@mickfitzg Happy Xmas to Mick and family from the Harte's in Offaly🍺🍻🍺🍺
@NickDougherty5 Ouch I meant Di sorry 😳😳
Dermot Lacey's trouncing in argument of that great balloon of wind, George Galloway, was seasonal. Dermot made min…
Galloway blocked me 4 a pretty tame question about his shameful stance on Scots Independence. Can only wish Dermot Lacey would block me too.