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RT @RickyStClair_: shawty used to ordinary niggas, she had to many Derek Fishers
shawty used to ordinary niggas, she had to many Derek Fishers
Kaepernick Derek Fishers Aldon Smith & now wants 2 talk about justice. SMDH. Focus on ur game. You ain't no civil rights leader.
Another interesting stat: 1 out of every 1 Derek Fishers lie to get out of contracts.
of course i lose by 0.50 pts in draft kings. fuck you matt barnes, go hit on derek fishers wife
@ItsHarvin @Espnmarcstein2 sources say Derek Fishers bald headed ass was involved in both of these acts
Derek fishers rotation actually changes every game for the #knicks... Where's the consistency #nba
This is all Derek Fishers fault
Just like her, we know what it feels like to be shafted by Matt Barnes #nba #nbadailycashlinespodcast
Porzingis' Future Clear In Derek Fisher's Description of Nowitzki
Cmon matt barnes do that to derek fishers team, the Pistons didnt do anything
Derek Fishers high A debut was no big deal....
@astrosjordan seems like our system will always have derek fishers, i.e., serviceable player, high floor, no star ceiling
@DSzymborski With Derek Fisher going to the Phils in the Giles trade, would it be possible to get Fishers projection?
Nigga was on a mission like when he went to Derek Fishers house