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We can't be more excited to share Pastor Phil Dooley with our entire church family this we…
Practically kissed alex about 4 times last night #truelove
иногда словами не выразишь
@JacobStaniforth ended up going out in end didn't I 😂
@ciaranxyz stacey dooley doc on iplayer "brainwashing stacey", lots of young right-wing peppy americans
@lauren_dooley how did you manage that staying in?😂
@pat_dooley @ChrisDoering Cool start to the game if right before kickoff while the Natl audience watched, entire crowd chanted S-E-C
RT @WorldStarWiId: the goofy goober song except every time he says goofy goober it gets faster
RT @rtmoore98: after careful calculation, i've decided that if i'm gonna be 4 minutes late to class, i might as well not go
A guy called me fat cos I rejected him ahahaha grow up
Another successful Friday night staying in 👀
Mais um gato punheteiro Telecine Piroca
Bad fuckin day n it hasn't even started properly yet 🙁
@malcolm_fox2 @wednesdayite we've got from n1 to Derek Dooley way quicker than normal
@clairebeck1052 Still less shady than the @mashob Glasto border bin bag!
Saludando al twitter con Dooley Wilson As time goes by
This Stacey Dooley documentary on abortion is actually baffling me. I literally don't know how people think like that.
RT @emilielopez: #LeTube en TT, c'est forcément grâce à notre Twitto préféré : @philousports. On t'aime Philou, aussi fort que tu es…